Marriage Turned To Funeral

Marriage Turned To Funeral

After the wedding, Bro Ver Untalan went to me to ask a question. But, before he could speak, I reminded him of the responsibility as the chair couple of PREX. That they should attend the Novena mass and prayer in preparation for the PREX seminar. I told him also that they should make other activities between the seminar date.

I ask him then of his question, he asked me if I already heard the sad news. What news? I asked back. The groom to be who is scheduled to be married this coming 26th of this month was been murdered yesterday afternoon. Nine days before the marriage date, the atmosphere of celebration has turned to mourning and tragedy. No, I did not heard about it because of my hectic schedule yesterday. Information started coming in after the conversation. But the reason he came is that the bride to be came to him asking if they could still be married even the groom is dead. This thing happens in TV dramas and comedies not in real life. I told him that marriage is for the living, the dead doesn’t need it.

The teaching of the Catholic Church clearly states that wedding ceremony to be validly celebrated must be responded with two consented adults, willingly and freely announce their marriage vows. How could the dead speak for himself? Jesus Christ himself says that in heaven there is no need for marriage. That’s the famous phrase says “until death do as part.”

I sense that I have to prepare myself to speak clearly on this matter because there will be more people coming asking for the same question. That afternoon, the bride, along with the members of her families, sisters, brothers, aunties and friends came together imploring me to grant that the marriage ceremony be celebrated before the burial. I told them two things. First, the teaching of the Catholic Church as I have mention above, there are persons barred from receiving the sacrament of Matrimony, insane and the dead are among them. Second, knowing that the real problem of the bride is the shock of preparing for revelry and celebration turn to mourning, is basically the difficulty of accepting the truth of death. She is in the stage of denial. So I told her that common sense has play important part. “You are now undergoing tremendous pain, feeling that the whole world has crushed directly upon your head, but let us not add insult to injury. If I will performed your request, what good will it do? Nothing. Married or not love between you will never diminished that reality. The marriage is null and void per se. And most importantly, we will make a mockery of ourselves in the midsts of the public. It is sacrilegious in the eyes of God. Let us not put ourselves deeper in our lonely state. Marrying you and your dead groom will send a wrong signal not only to the public but specially to you, p[utting you to illusionary world that he is still alive.

After several minutes, her tears and sobering decreased. The impact of the tragedy is still there, at least the burden is somewhat lessen, I believe.

My investigation reveals that this tragic event becomes too complicated on knowing that the bride-to-be, Jonalyn Roldan, 26 years of age from Talangka, Sta. Maria, Laguna, child of Geronimo Roldan and Emilio Saludo is one month pregnant of the groom-to-be Emerlito De Chavez, 26 years old, resident of Bagumbayan, Sta. Maria Laguna, child of Clemente de Chavez and Leonida Lumbera. The suspect is Danilo Casal, the husband of the sister of the groom-to-be. The suspect is at large.
This murderous stint was caused only by bad joke.

After the New Year celebration, I performed funeral rites to a married couple who were the victim allegedly by the parents-in-law-to-be of their Son.

This is only some of the reason why I decided to compose a prayer dedicated to stop the culture of death and promote the culture of life. I posted that prayer here in this website.

Lord Jesus, help me, my heart is bleeding!!!