Sunday, February 26, 2006

Old Church Pictures

I appealed to my parishioners to send me the old pictures of the Church. Some responded and they gave me these two pictures. The last one is the present structure of the church

Monday, February 20, 2006

Non-Catholic Priests/Ministers

Anybody could suggest sites written by priests/ministers who are actively participating in ecumenical movement. Submission is free but everything s subject to approval

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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Mass Media Links with Feeds

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I had some apprehension in coming to Kamagong, a sitio of Cueva, Sta Maria, because of the rain. Since early in the morning there is a continues out pouring of rain. Yesterday news on St. Bernard, Southern Leyte, which suffered greatly due to landslide feared to have left thousand dead and homeless. I pray and usually includes in my homily on the protection of the environment.
To clear up my mind, I told my secretary to text the coordinator of the chapel in Kamagong concerning the weather and road condition going up to that place. The coordinator answered back that the weather there is good and the road is passable.
After the funeral mass, I proceeded directly in Sitio Kamagong. Along the way, the number of small and medium landslides have include since last month, we should coordinate with the DENR concerning this situation to study the land and terrain formation so that we could be prepared before any massive landslide, I told myself.
I interviewed the parishioners to determine the present situation of the place. I learned that they are just starting replenishing the trees struck down by the defunct logging concession there. It was almost thirty five years since the logging concession stop operating but it was only now that the residents started replanting.
Considerably, it is only now that the population have increased because they find out the beautiful weather condition on that part of Sta. Maria. It was like Baguio that is why they call it Little Baguio Village.
After my mass, I proceeded to Parang ng Buho village for another anticipated Mass. I was quite satisfied with the attendance, the mass goers doubled from my last month’s mass.
It was also the raffle draw of the Kabuuan Club. The activities started at 8:30 pm, late as usual. Msgr. Rey Agramon won the first prize and my programmer won the 21 inch TV.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Simple Birthday Celebration

Benjie Pangilinan, the Parish Pastoral Council President, celebrated his 52nd birthday. I greeted him after the mass and he invited me for a simple dinner celebration. Time is of the essence and there are many things to be done is the office but it is also important to attend for social obligation.

Dr. Martin Bautista


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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Junior and Senior Prom

A special mass was held for the Junior Senior Prom of the Sta. Maria Academy. I mentioned to them that JS is a privilege not a right, they should be thankful that even through the hard time they could celebrate it. Not long ago a memo was distributed by the Department of Education clarifying that JS Prom is no longer an obligation to be celebrated by the Public Schools.
It is also a sad note that when I asked them on what reason JS is clebrated their answer were for bonding, knowing each other more, and to honor the senior students because they will graduate high school. The reasons given are in some way or another valid but swallow. However I added that the Prom is a kind of rite transferring the responsibilities of leadership to the next batch. To emulate the basic values of responsibilities and leadership. That on their departure, they will have the next generation of the legacy of which they try to instill in their hearts as Students and Christians.
On the same way, it is a acceptance of the great responsibility as the next seniors to continue the legacy which the pioneers have tried to build and enhance. It is an assurance that they, the next seniors, will not squander the opportunity granted upon them.

Mass in Santiago, Sta. Maria


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United Kingdom

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Asia - South

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BBC news has the following headlines, very rich in materials worldwide. Better than ABC news.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

John Osmena

Tv Ad

Strictly politics

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Finance Status

Fr. Robert of the Cusmano High School passed by to deliver the tickets for the raffle this coming Saturday. He is the principal of their school in the neighboring town of Mabitac, Laguna.
We talked about professionalism not only on educational system but also in ecclesiastical enclave. Time is very limited but it is significantly a race against time.
Fr. Wanny Cacao, the healing priest of Laguna and also our Diocesan financial officer came to visit me. As new to the delicate position he is trying to receive feedbacks as many as possible, I share my two feedbacks.
I told him that, though I failed to attend the regular priest assembly I am well informed of the present issues that is being raised by the priests of the diocese.
First, during the last Presbyteral assembly meeting the question of Fr. Rene although answered but has not satisfied the curiosity of the assembly. You, yourself, as a CPA graduate was perplexed on the way the finances were handled not because there is some kind of anomaly but simply because it is practically different from other institution and from the system that the parish usage. It is quite different. The priest reacted only because it was mentioned that on the year-end report the diocese was deficit of several pesos. The assembly could not accept that the diocese was deficit because, the report stated the expenses of the celebration of the Eucharistic Congress held in Lumban was included while there is really a fund allocated to it for 7 years ago. The finance department answered that it is so because the diocese is using one budget system. Even so, the statement of account should also not register the deficit because there is an allocated money to it. There is no question of the integrity in handling the money but on how it is presented that it might not be interpreted otherwise because of its ambiguity.
Second, the unending issue of the insurance policy of which the diocese has entered into a contract in behalf of the priests. This is the problem which Fr. Wanny Cacao is not involved because he has not received the post recently. However it continues to haven’t the Presbyterian because it is suppose to help or rather to solve the problem of health stability of the clerics so that they could perform their duties without entertaining to their thoughts the problem of finances when sickness strike. Before the said insurance came, we already have a system in place. Imperfect it may be but it was working. We took or rather the Diocese though its leaders believe them that through the said insurance it will sufficiently answer the needs of the priest in relation to health.
However these are problems which put the confidence out of balance. There are sickness not covered by the said insurance and there are sickness once treated through the use of the said insurance could no longer avail for the second time of treatment. The clergy put their trust on the leaders that there things were properly been clarified before but it seems that they have not done their job well. The hierarchy, though I am not a judge to that matter in some way or another have to accept negligence on their issue because we are made to enter into the said program although there is an opposition to this project.
Fr. Wanny could not even state for a fact how much really the Diocese is paying for the said insurance. The Diocese enters into that contract and pays for the 3rd part of the amount. But they are the one paying the whole amount while collecting the two thirds from the priests and the parish.
He said that he will look on these matters discussed for further clarification. I mentioned, on passing, that I have made already a program that will help every parish to assists them in their financial statement. A computerized program to enhance proper collection and to unburden the work of the parish secretaries of the diocese, forgive his ignorance of the importance of the program. It was, however, bad timing that it iwas brown out.
Parish pastoral meeting was also held that evening. After the reporting of the respective ministries and organization, the main agenda are the celebration of the Lenten season that will start on March one as well as the Alay Kapwa. The Visita Iglesia is proposed to be held on the Catholic Churches of Batangas during the Holy Monday. There activities were explained by the respective organizations that were assigned as the main agents.
Of course, the issue of the Santa Maria Academy’s Alumni project were question concerning its location. It was explained to all parties concerned that the said location is owned by the Church and not of the school. Its ownership is clearly established so that all might be guided accordingly specifically the Santa Maria Academy and its alumni, that they should plan with proper preparation and should consult all the persons or institution, concern. Mr. Manuel Balela apologizes for such miscalculation, Apology accepted but it is clear that there is no written agreement for the 2,330 sq. m they are occupying for the moment that belongs to the Church. There are only verbal arrangements between former priest and MCSH Sisters and even with the bishop. Written or verbal arrangement usually includes that a provision for the usage whether rented or borrowed prioritizes the need of the church for time it is needed. The Church could get back the land if she needs it. There are also some sectors who wanted that we have to take it back as soon as possible but I told them that for, the moment, there is no need. If we finished the construction of the patio and the multipurpose hall the plan for the restoration of the Church could take place. It was then that we could take it back with proper reason that we really need it. SO, there is much to be done yet. Let us not take back simply because it is ours, let us be generous to let them use it momentarily for the Catholic education. We are here today simply to level the ground that its proper owner is the Church, we have no intention of selling it and if time comes that we need it.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Tessie Aquino Oreta

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My Valentine's Day

After the morning Mass, we prepared for the mass wedding. Some people are not apt for being on time. I supposed to hear their confession on 8:00 am but I have to wait for them for an additional 45 minutes because they are late.

During the homily besides explaining the importance of married life, I told them that the only different with Mass wedding from ordinary celebration of the sacrament of Matrimony is, it is free. All the requirements and proper preparation is the same as of ordinary celebration of the said sacrament.

The birth certificate is needed to satisfy the necessary and correct information of the parties involved. Baptismal and Confirmation certificate to find out whether they are baptized catholic or not. If they were baptized to other faiths they have the option for mixed marriage and if from other non Christian faith, the dispensation for the disparity of cult is applied, It is an option. If the other parties do not want to be baptized in Catholic faith they could still be married in the Catholic Church.

Married license is need to satisfy the requirement of the government or affidavit for living together as husband and wife for more than 5 years catholic marriages is accepted by the government as valid.

Aside from the population education seminar given by the local government the couple should attend 2 days seminar which is usually held during Saturday and Sunday. Even if the couples are living together for sometime, they still have to attend it because it is a formation guiding the couples to understand and prepare themselves on their lives as husband, wife and parent according to the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Publication of Banns is sent to parished they have stayed for six months or more when they reached eighteen years old. This is to assume that both parties are free to marry.

The parish priest of every parish will canonically interview them further to determine if they are capable enough for the reception of the said sacrament. Can the parish priest deny couples for the reception of that sacrament? Yes, if through deligent study and reflection he find out if any impediment as stipulated by the Law of the Church.

At late afternoon Sr. Bernadette, the superior of the school and Mr. Balela, the principal of the Santa Maria Academy approached me in my office asking my comments on their on going projects.

Subsequently, I said this subject matter will be discussed in our parish pastoral council meeting tomorrow. Since, you have brought this matter at hand, there are three things I could like to say, I continued.

1. Protocol. The school and the parish have different administrative jurisdiction, but you are having a fund raising campaign with a project that is to be constructed in the church land, a land which is not yours. I understand that you have a written agreement with the former parish priest. That written agreement is illegal because no one in the Diocese could enter into a contract in the name of the church or of the parish except the bishop. We have no juridical personality. Canon law is clear about that. And even if you have a written agreement it would surely include a dialogue with the present parish priest for courtesy sake. This is the basic principle you have violated. The very fact that there is no written agreement is also the reason that you have not been properly guided.

2. Unresolved issues. You have, entered into a situation of which there are unanswered questions. At is not because questions were raised and remained unanswered. But questions of which the alumni have resurfaced either because there is no venue to post it or the class coordinators failed to relay it on the proper authorities. Our discussions have clearly revealed that you are not alluding the questions. There are issues that the general alumni was not aware of such as the present financial statement of the fund for the construction of the covered court.

3. The Principal as the alumni president is a suspect. It happens that the present president and the alumni is also the principal. Even if your constitution allows it, however it puts the organization out of balance. Yes, the principal is also an alumnus nobody is denying it but it could not only also be denied that it is a flow that put the organization in jeopardy. There are things that make you oversee the problem like the proper orientation and over locking of the difficulties of the project at hand presuming that this was handled before by the school specifically of the teachers, students and parents of the time the project was initiated more than 6 years ago. Mr. Manuel Balela believes that those preliminary stages were already resolved by the said personalities but not been done in the presence of alumni of which he is also the president. Practically it was bound to happen because one person is holding both offices. Yes, it could even be avoided if one has been keen enough to distinguish the two positions. However, it is not much a difficulty if the two offices were held by two persons.

We ended the discussion that three things will surely be discuss in the parish pastoral meeting tomorrow evening. They should face whatever might be the reaction concerning this matter. It is important that they should hear it by themselves the comments of the members of the PPC.

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Monday, February 13, 2006


Novena of the Our Lady of Lourdes is already finished and the original schedule goes back. For four weeks the masses we celebrated in the afternoon. Adjustment is to be made to rise early is to be reset again. This is one of any wellness. As accepted, I started the mass twenty minutes late of schedule. After the mass, I prepared for 8:00 o’ clock municipal mass.
After the municipal mass, I read the abstracts of the talks, delivered during the Three Day 2005 International Congress on Bioethics held in UST. I was not present but the UST webpage posted it ( After which I tried to finished it up but my body is too exhausted that I felt asleep.
My companion woke me up inviting me to a dinner in Trois, a restaurant in the outskirt of Siniloan, Laguna.

Vic Magsaysay

Political Ad

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Valentines Day

This coming Tuesday we will celebrate Valentines Day. The celebration originated to a name St. Valentine. A catholic priest who lived on the Early Century. During those time Roman foot soldiers were prohibited from marrying. It was seen as a detrimental to the Roman Empire’s campaign then. Along with Christianity it is considered a crime. However, St. Valentine clandestinely married Christian couples including Roman soldiers. It is the pastoral care St. Valentine pours out as an image of God’s love.
On the same way this is the care and tremendous love of the Catholic Bishop’s of the Philippine have in their heart in the current statement from their plenary assembly entitle “Renewing our Public Life through Moral Values”
At last, the Bishops have spoken on issues which haunt the Filipino Catholics. The bishops started with its obligation to guide the faithful on the proper path which requires diligent and prayerful preparation.
The pastoral situation based on the valid observation of the people was focus on four areas, the proliferation of rumors and untruth partisan interest prevailed over the common good and the benefits of economic growth are not sufficiently shared by the poor.
The bishops believe that the root of the crisis is the erosion of moral values. There are three fundamental objectionable errors which contradict the moral Christian values namely; truth became a victim of political partisanship, common good and plight of the poor are blatantly ignored.
Though these violations have grown to a large extent, the bishops applaud those who have not lose hope and became heroic citizens to defend moral values.
There are two main solutions, proposed by the bishop. First those directed on socio-political context, a renewal of the social order and public life which has 4 important points of action; the search for truths relentlessly pursued by all sectors, agencies should work for the restoration of confidence and trust especially on public sectors, the 2007 election should not be cancelled because it is the voice of the people and work for the amendments of the constitution and not charter change.
The second proposed solution centers on the transformation of cultural values and structures. There are six main agenda to be pursued, systematization of programs of the seven of nine priorities detailed by the National Pastoral Plan which are: integral renewal of the clergy and religious and our journeying with the youth; secondly the continuation of the formation of Basic Ecclesial Communities; enhancement of the spirituality of the public service: networking of citizen’s group; 2006 as the “Social Concerns Year” and prayer and penance.
Renewing the Political Culture and Public life for the common good is the best valentine gift that we could give to our fellow men.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

ABC - Technology

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ABC - Entertainment

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An Inquiry, Feb 12, 2006

Parishioners are starting asking me about the on going project of the Santa Maria Academy concerning their “dinner for a cause “for the completion of the covered court. I told them that I was not informed formally concerning this matter; I just heard it also from people who are complaining about it. There are some apprehensions on this subject because the project started before my arrival and that is almost four years ago. Probably I could not understand why they hid the matter. I am celebrating mass with them and tried to speak on matters that affect the school and the parish and then suddenly they prop out this scheme. I am not against their project per se. However, there are things to be clarified because it involved Church land. The proposed covered court is to be constructed on the property owned by the Catholic Church. The school is owned by a religious congregation which is the separate entity from the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Pablo.
Parishioners are asking me if they will accept the tickets distributed to them. My answer is, “if you could afford it” yes, but you should kept in mind that the structure to be build is owned by the Church and not of the SMA.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

ABC - Politics

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ABC News

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Saint of the Day

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Air Maria

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Discovery Channel (Travel)

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Discovery Channel (Technology)

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Discovery Channel (Space)

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Discovery Channel (Planet Earth)

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Discovery Channel (History)

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Discovery Channel (Human Interest)

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Discovery Channel (Health)

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Discovery Channel (Dinosaurs)

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Discovery Channel (Archeology)

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Discovery Channel (Animals)

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Discovery Channel (Video)

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Every 11th of February, the Catholic Church celebrates the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. It is one of the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary accepted by the Church.
Mary, the mother of God appeared in Lourdes, France in 1854 to Bernadette telling how to ask the bishop of the place to build a church there in her honor. A spring, have appeared to the place of apparition to strengthen the message of the Virgin Mary. It was them that a blind man after washing his face has suddenly healed. After that many have come to this little town for healing. In 1991, the Pope John Paul II decreed that this day will also be a World Day of the Sick.
One of my barrio dedicated their chapel in her honor. Though the barrio celebrates the fiestas along with the parish but it belongs to the poblacions. They have some little preparations through the sacraments of the mass and merienda siena for the said occasions.
The parish celebrates the World Day of the Sick at 3:00 in the afternoon through the mass for the sick. Within the mass healing session was held asking the Lord Jesus Christ for healing through her mother, the Our Lady of Lourdes.
Some of our separated brethren position the role of Mary in the Catholic practice. They thought we are worshipping Mary. No, we are venerating Mary and acknowledging her vital role in the proclamation of the Good news of Salvation and redemptive act of God. In the marriage of Cana, it is clear, that Jesus stated “Woman, it is not yet my time”. This is the response of Jesus Christ when Mary her mother told him that there is no wine. Though he told Mary that his time has not yet to come, he instructed the servants to fetch water on the wall and He turned it to wine His time has come because he decided to grant the request of her Mother.

Discovery Channel Headlines

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Philippine Commentary

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Inside Pcij

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Mindanao Examiner

Without Newsfeeds

These are the collection of links of Philippine Media of which I cannot aggregate. Whether they don't allow it or I could not find the correct address.



Business News ECCP

Business World News

Global Pinoy

Manila News

Minda News

Philippine National Police

Philippine News

Philippines Post

QC Independent

Sunday Punch

Tagalog TV

The Gazette Philippines

Yahoo News Philippines

Philippine Newspaper

Abante Tonite

Daily Tribune

Diaryo Pilipino

Filipino Express

Journal Group


Manila Bulletin Newspaper

Manila Standard Today

Manila Times

Mindanao Times

Philippine Star Newspaper

Sun Star


Philippine Magazine

Bembang Online Magazine

Filipinas Magazine

For Him Magazine PH



Good Housekeeping

Philippine Diver




Online Pinoy Radio Stations

Liveradio Philippines

TV Stations





Lakbay TV

NET 25




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Philippine Media

I have created a way of which you could browse the content of News on some Mass Media sites who offered feeds. So that you could have an idea of the available news and go only to those you are interested on to save time.

Philippine Media with Newsfeeds
Philippine Media without Newsfeeds
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Friday, February 10, 2006


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Bureaus and Agencies

Bureaus and Agencies

Department of Transportation & Communications

Department of Agriculture

Department of Budget and Management

Department of Education

Department of Energy

Department of Environment and Natural Resources

Department of Finance

Department of Foreign Affairs

Department of Health

Department of Interior and Local Government

Department of Justice

Department of Labor and Employment

Department of National Defense

Department of Public Works & Highways

Department of Science and Technology

Department of Social Welfare and Development

Department of Agrarian Reform

Department of Tourism

Department of Trade & Industry
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Cabinet Members & Officials of the Office of the President

Cabinet Members & Officials of the Office of the President

Hon. Vice-President NOLI L. DE CASTRO

The Cabinet

Hon. Secretary ALBERTO G. ROMULO

Hon. Executive Secretary EDUARDO R. ERMITA


Hon. Secretary RAUL M. GONZALES

Hon. Secretary ARTHUR C. YAP


Hon. Secretary JESLI A. LAPUS
















Hon. Renato L. Ebarle

Hon. Norberto B. Gonzales

Hon. Jesus G. Dureza

Hon. Bayani F. Fernando

Hon. Gabriel S. Claudio

Hon. Domingo F. Panganiban

Hon. Cerge M. Remonde

Hon. Ricardo L. Saludo

Hon. Conrado A. Limcaoco

Hon. Sergio A. F. Apostol

Hon. Edgardo D. Pamintuan

Hon. Rodolfo P. Del Rosario

Hon. Roberto M. Pagdanganan

Hon. Augusto Syjuco

Hon. Carlito S. Puno

Hon. Ramon P. Sales

Hon. Dante A. Ang
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Government-Owned and Controlled Corporations

Baguio Economic Zone

Bases Conversion and Development Authority

Bataan Economic Zone

Cagayan Economic Zone Authority

Cavite Economic Zone

Cebu Ports Authority

Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions

Clark Development Corporation

Clark International Airport Corporation

Cottage Industry Technology Center

Cultural Center of the Philippines

Development Academy of the Philippines

Duty Free Philippines

Guarantee Fund for Small and Medium Enterprises

Home Development Mutual Fund (Pag-Ibig Fund)

Home Guaranty Corporation

John Hay Management Corporation

Laguna Lake Development Authority

Light Rail Transit Authority

Local Water Utilities Administration

Lung Center of the Philippines

Mactan-Cebu International Airport Authority

Mactan Economic Zone

Meat Packing Corporation

Metro Transit Organization, Inc.

Metropolitan Waterworks & Sewerage System

National Broadcasting Network

National Dairy Authority

National Development Company

National Electrification Administration

National Food Authority

National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation

National Housing Authority

National Irrigation Administration

National Kidney and Transplant Institute

National Power Corporation

National Tobacco Administration

Natural Resources Development Corporation

Nayong Pilipino Foundation

Ninoy Aquino International Airport

North Luzon Railways Corporation

Northern Foods Corporation

Occupational Safety and Health Center

Overseas Workers Welfare Administration

People's Television Network, Incorporated

Philippine Aerospace Development Corporation

Philippine Amusements and Gaming Corporation

Philippine Center for Economic Development

Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office

Philippine Children's Medical Center

Philippine Coconut Authority

Philippine Convention and Visitors Corporation

Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation

Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation

Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation

Philippine Economic Zone Authority

Philippine Export-Import Credit Agency (Trade and Investment Development Corporation of the Philippines)

Philippine Health Insurance Corporation

Philippine Heart Center

Philippine Institute for Development Studies

Philippine National Oil Company

Philippine National Railways

Philippine Ports Authority

Philippine Postal Corporation

Philippine Retirement Authority

Philippine Rice Research Institute

Philippine Tourism Authority

PHIVIDEC Industrial Authority

Poro Point Management Corporation

Power Sector Assets & Liabilities Management (PSALM) Corporation

Public Reclamation Authority

QUEDAN & Rural Credit Guarantee Corporation

Small Business Guarantee and Finance Corporation

Southern Philippines Development Authority

Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority

Sugar Regulatory Administration

Technology and Livelihood Resource Center

Zamboanga City Special Economic Zone Authority
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Government Financial Institutions

Bases Conversion Development Authority

Land Bank of the Philippines

Development Bank of the Philippines

Al-Amanah Islamic Investment Bank Of The Philippines

Government Service Insurance System

Social Security System
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