Mass in Jubileville, Masaya, Bay, Laguna

Accepting the gifts during the offertory procession. We should always be thankful for all the graces we are receiving how small or big it might be It comes from the labour of Love both from God and us.

Members of community in Jubileville, Masaya, Bay, Laguna. There are two chapel that they are using during their sunday masses, the chapel within the village of jubileville and this one in asiaville own by the sisters. Since it was my first mass there with the congregation, I introduce myself and asked them to help the parish especially for the putting up of the Knights of Columbus. I aslo asked them to help the proposed erection of the new parish which will be located in Masaya. It was been 10 years of its conception that until now has not been realized. There is already a land but the edifice is nowhere to find... it is not yet constructed.