First Friday Devotion

Part of the program of Liceo De Bay is to celebrate Mass on the first Friday (aside from Sunday obligation). The Gospel speaks of following the law of God beyond the way pharisees and Scribes do. Following God beyond the precept of the letter of the law. It should be the spirit of the Law. Do not kill. That's the law, but the Lord Jesus Christ is asking us to forgive those trespassed us. Do not hurt them. Do not say something against them. Do not belittle them.

I challenge the students for two things:
1. Be initiative. It is not enough to do things right because somebody is telling us. Do not be like robots. We have to take initiatives for certain and small things that if becomes a part of our daily life becomes automatic and easy to undertake.
2. Be innovators. There are things people would like to give solutions to a certain problems but has no idea of what is to be done because they are afraid to passed beyond the threshold that ordinary people take. Since new problem arises, there is a need for innovative solutions and somebody has to think about it and do something about it.