In kumpisalang Bayan in Immaculate Concepcion parish, Los banos, Laguna, I was not able to take some pictures, we were almost complete then except for one. One of the discussion that we have been to was the policy of the diocese concerning the repair and construction of the churches and parish convent. There was a moratorium for six months. A circular letter was sent over to all of us concerning this matter. We discussed that if the circular letter which prohibits any major repair and construction for the period of six months after the reception of the new parish assignment. The gray part is that idt does not specifically points out what is the meaning of major repair and construction. The discussion arises because some priest have made some repairs already a lot od speculation about this matter. I told the group that if it is possible somebody should keep the bishop to clarify all areas before sending the letter or clear it up in the presbyteral meeting.