Good shepherd, Good Sheep

Jn. 10:27-30
Our Gospel today speaks of the relationship of the shepherd and his sheep. And I believe that this is the model that any relationship should emulate. every relationship , in some way or another has a reflection of sheep-shepherd model, there is always somebody who guides and been guided by.

If Christ is our Good Shepherd, we as his sheep should also be like Him - good. How can we be. Jesus Christ clearly speak it up. There are three important factors that we should not forget.

1. Hearing. We should listen to our Good shepherd. faith comes first by hearing. God speaks to us in many ways, we must know how to listen. Last Sunday, I have announced of the candidates forum on the local level here in our town, simply because it will help you to listen to their political platforms. So that you might know who is the right person for the position. However, it was unfortunates that it was canceled. I canceled it through the recommendation of the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) chairman because of lack of security. I cannot put the lives of any candidates and of any parishioners to harms way. The Philippine Nationa Police (PNP) chief cannot put the mayor on check, if ever the said event occur. Fundamentally, the importance of hearing all the candidates political platform is necessary for the individual to make a right choice. It is one of the ways of which the voters could gather enough information.

2. Knowing. The shepherd knows his flock. To govern a group of individual it is important that one might know the real situation, the real people. Biblical meaning of knowledge is of the deepest understanding of the individual as person. There are three kinds or level of knowledge.

a. On the level of the head. Knowledge in terms of information, transfer of information whether first hand or otherwise. You know his bio-data.
b. On the level of the heart. Knowledge in terms of affection. You feel what he/she feels. You are in communion with her thoughts and feelings. Nakikiramay ka sa kanyang damdamin.
c. On the level of the Gut. Knowledge in terms of personification. Up to the extent of becoming like him. remember the last sunday Gospel. e hear Jesu Asked Peter "Do you love me?" three times, and when Peter answered "yes", the words that comes from Jesus are, "tend my sheep". Peter becoming Jesus Christ.

It is clear, that Jesus wants us to reach the third level.

3. Following. This one is easy if we have the first two. I will not deal much on this subject today.

Point of action.
Since childhood, we are taught to listen attentively. We should not forget that as we advance in age. We still need a lot to be learned on this world, especially in following our Lord Jesus Christ. Children listen to the elderly, there is much to be learn from their experience. Do not frown when you hear everytime the same thing they are saying. They are just making sure you are hearing them. Parents,you are the shepherd of your children. Do not forget to remind them of that by teaching them things that will be of need as they grow up.

As we prepare for the coming election, I implore you all to listen to all the candidates for what they say, we are the one who will put them in their positions, we should know them as the right person for the right job.

For all leaders in your own field, let us try to know th people and situations so that we may find the right solutions to the problems at hand. Good governance starts by knowing the present situation so that we may give the proper solutions. Usually , we are giving right solutions to the wrong problem because we do not really know the right situation.

My analysis on the Philippine economy (though I am not an economist)why the upper-ups, the government officials in particular the President and her cabinet members of this country are always claiming that we are improving while the people are saying the opposite because the both are using different gauge. If you will simply base the growth of the economy on dollar exchange and dollar reserve that is only a piece of the pie and could be unstable. Unstable because our dollar reserves mostly came from our OFW, that is violatile. Especially now that the effect of globalization has shift other governments from other countries who could offer workers with lower wage. This is also the reason that the price of common commodities remain high because when their is an increase of price in basic needs we blame the dollar. Why the price of commodities does not go down because most of it or its ingredients are imported. We are not yet dealing here on the issue of taxation. My poit is this, Do our political leaders have enough study and knowledge of the present situation that affect the lives of Filipinos. Do we really know our problem? sorry problems, there is a lot to note. Are we addressing the problems.

After the Mass in the afternoon, I have also attended the birthday of one of the Knights of the Altar. He is now 42 years old but his mental capacity is to the age of 5 to 7. We call him Bobby. Bobby, happy birthday.

I have also tried to fix the two other segment of the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting voters' education video. I will post it later.