During our vicarial meeting last wednesday, Father noel Conopio, the Apostolic Vicar of the second district have brought out the issue and problem of the resettlement in his area. Calauan was been a place for resettlement for about 250 families from different parts of Metro Manila and neighboring provinces and towns.Now, Malacanang is bringging another 36 families with an assurance of several batches that will be coming from the places affected by the operation of the Metro Manila Development Authority.
We all agree that this is the work of the National and Local Government but people are coming up asking for help. And the Church is encountering problems concerning these matter withstanding that almost thousand families were relocated in Cabuyao, Laguna recently.
Fr. Noel speaks about the present situation and the immediate need of the said resettled families. The basic needs of food, shelter and jobs are primary and immediate need of which the faithful is encouraging to help out our brothers and sisters from the urban poor of which we now to be considered as our neighbors. It is sometimes sad to hear some parishioners that helping these people, we are tolerating the public officials of not doing their job. Those corrupt public officials will face the wrath of God. But as Christians, it is our duty to help our these people of whic it is not our deision to be a part of our problem. But since the problem is already in our midst, we have to act, now. Pleace listen to Fr. Noel on his message as the parish priest of San Isidro, Labrador, Calauan, Laguna of which these people were resettled.

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