New Pod

Finding the richness of Catholic resources in the internet in video form, I decided to add new widget from Vodpod. The additional widget could be found here at the right side panel of the blog. So much richness that it took me a lot of time to sort it out. In this widget, videos could be added from time to time as long as I could find good materials for catholic understanding and deepening of our faith as Christians, as Catholics. After my nuptial Mass, I decided to make a groupings for all these video before going to the Barrio for the preparation of the feast of the Patron in San Antonio, Bay, Laguna.

I was supposed to talk with the seminarians, theologians from Tagaytay City in Los Banos, Laguna as the vicariate decided to host them for their retreat so as much not to incur additional expenses from the seminary fund. The priest of Vicariate decided to host the retreat and the talks to be delivered. But, becasue of my schedule here that my secretaty have not been able to arrange properly, I asked the help of Fr. Gabby Delfino to pitch for the said schedule since he is free from any schedule today. I would like to visit the seminarians but because the bride was late for thirty minutes, it has create chaos in my schedule. They are supposed to arrive thirty minutes before their schedule wedding for the confessions. Rather, they were late 30 minutes after the agreed date. I should have gone in the retreat place along with the food my parishioners prepare. Calculating the time, it will be imposssible, so I let my parishioners to go ahead even without me.

There are thirteen seminarians as of this school year, those undegoing intensive seminary pastoral formation is not included since they have separate program for this year.