Friday, July 27, 2007


I have a barrio named Maitim (black). it is still within the vicinity of poblacion proper, so there is no regula mass being held there. However, today, as a part of the program of "Dalaw ni San Agustin" (visit of St. Augustine) to every barangay, I celebrated my Mass there. it has some number of atandance but the most sad of it is that is is situated along the main road whic make it too noisy even if there is a public audio system. During my homily in this program I asked two things about St. Augustine. My question were what was the title of the book of the autobiography of St. Augustine and the title of the book which he envisioned of what heaven and heaven on earth shall be. They are humble enough to admit that they have not known any book written by the said saint. So, I am starting from scratch, I thought of myself. It seems that there is a lot of thing that should be done in respect for the extensive knowledge of the saint. People from other part of the country comes to honor the said saints because they know of the importance that St. Augustine have been to the history of the present Catholic Church and the parishioners have not been able to have the right information about him.
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  1. hello Father Jessie. I stumble upon your blog from philippine directory. :-)

  2. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Hi Fr. Jessie. I was trying to research on my family's history and stumbled upon your blog about a barrio Maitim. Imagine that. My family name also happens to be Maitim. I was wondering if thru your blog I would be able to reach out and get to know someone who can help me point to where my family came from. I can be reached at Hope you can pray for me too, Fr. Jessie.

    God bless.