Friday, November 23, 2007

Pari ko, Pare ko

The parish of San Antonio De Padua is raising funds for the construction of the parish pastoral center and chapel.
The parish tapped the Militia De Immaculada Concepcion Choir to facilitate the said concert entitled Pari ko, pare ko, konsyerto ng mga paring reberendo held in D.L. Umali Hall, UPLB.
The following are the people who presented during the concert
Maria Fatima Baes
FMSN Choir
Mayor Caesar Perez
Rev. Fr. Reggie Mamaril
Rev. Fr. Marcelino Ramos
Rev. Fr. Lauro Ramos
Rev. Fr. Jerry Oblepias
Rev. Fr. Bomg Chumacera
Rev. Fr. Jerry Gaela
Rev. Fr. Jaime Niego
Rev. Fr. Francis Calo
Rev. Fr. Roy Reyees
Rev. Fr. Noel Canopio
Rev. Fr. Gomer Torres
Rev. Fr. Jessie Somosierra
Rev. Fr. Sisoy Cellan
Rev. Fr. John Komen
Rev. Fr. Damian Mukese
Rev. Fr. Laurence Varghese
Rev. Fr. Alks Gaut
Rev. Fr. John Gaut
Rev. Fr. Roel Lero
Rev. Fr. Diwani Cacao
Rev. Fr. Mariano Villamior
Miliitiai De Immaculada Conception Choir

Of course, I did not sing, I just let my presence be there as part of support for the said project of a parish of my vicariate.

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