Priest assembly

Priests of the diocese have a monthly assembly in the the bishops residence. The mainspeaker who was supposed to talk about the proper care of the heart in medical perspective did not come, the reason, I failed to hear the reason presented in the meeting.
Msgr. Alex Amante presided the reflection during the holy hour which speaks about discipleship and apostleship. It is imperative to acknowledge the importance of being with Jesus Christ before becoming one's disciples.It is he who calls and he has the power and liberty to whom he choses. We have to accept that invitation and to be commune with him and our brothers before being sent off to preach the Good News of God's salvific love.
As part of the celebration for the 40th anniversary of the diocese, the committee ask for donation to celebrate the event helping our brothers and sister who were displaced because of the MMDA clearing within Metro Manila to get rid of illigal squatters. They are situated in the town of Cabuyao and Calauan. Cabuyao is the most affected area along with the town of Sta. Rosa and Binan. The relocation site is within the boundaries of the said towns and been under the jurisdiction of several parishes. The money to be collected is to be given to the said poor residents to build their homes. Whether we like it or not they are part of the diocese's faithful of which we are obligated to help part of our Christian calling.
There are other matters discussed of which I would like to leave. This blog was also mention during the meeting because of the video presented during the first meeting of the second episcopal district of which some certain discussion was misunderstood. I not bother to interpolate in the meeting because the issue was not directed to me but rather as an information and a personal opinion of one of the priest. though it has caused some priests to ask some questions among them of the subject, it was not been dealt as an issue in the meeting.
What can I say, this is a personal blog, though I am a part and partial of the diocese, I did not speak for the diocese. Anything within this blog is of my personal opinion. This is my realm. However, if this matter is really of great importance, and it cause much anxiety on their part, they should approach. If the bishop says that I have to remove the said video, I will remove it. But for the moment I could not see any reasonable issue on this matter.

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