St. Augustine Chapel Construction

The president of the Philippines have moved the holiday of June 12 as the Independence Day celebration to June 9 for a long holiday. It is also an occasion from which the Lay Ministers of the Holy Communion can start the construction of the St. Augustine Chapel. Actually it is the renovation of the Old Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Chapel building. Eucharistic Adoration was stopped even before I assume office as the Parish Priest. I have contemplated the continuation of the said devotion but as I observe the present situation of the Parish it is not possible as of the moment. From the very start there are few who would like to continue the devotion but I challenge them to give me people who can devote their time to fill the slot to stay in the chapel one hour each week. For some time, I have waited for response and I have received none. Yes, nada.

The said edifice was been used for meetings of small groups for some time. But since the parish need to boost the devotion to the Patron Saint and to establish a more significant place for those asking for his intercession, with diligence and prayerful discernment, i decided to push thru the idea of the place fitting for the said devotion. Yes, the construction of the new building for his honor was not been ruled out but with the absence of the Parish Finance Council, it will take a very painful thrust. And as you can see the surroundings, the best place suitable place is the present location of the Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Chapel (PEAC) which is accessible to the people. The construction of the new building at the front of the Church was ruled out because it is against the principles of Church Construction guidelines.

The members of the Lay Ministers of the Holy Communion (LMHC) started ripping the roof of the said building because it has deteriorated through the years. They also took out the steel enclosement.

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