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"Rolly has left a new comment on your post "First Award!"

'I'm a good catholic boy here in Birmingham, UK. I think this is not your first award because you won last week in Talksmart but you never claim it. And for sure, this week, you will be elevated to the hall of fame. Dare to check there."

Yes, I remember that I have checked before that I was been nominated there.I am not realyy expecting that I will be given such honor. I Still keep the email I received.
Talksmart has left a new comment on your post "Prayer of St. Francis": 

Hi. This blog has been nominated for the Filipino Blog of the Week awards (week 129). Please visit the site and vote. Good luck.
However, I did not know that I won. It is only now that I was been notified. It is the Filipino Blog Award of the Week.  

Rolly thanks for the award!!! 

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