Additional Material and Information for Right of Information Bill

The Catholic Social Action of the San Pablo Diocese of which I belong sent me materials just yesterday evening at exactly 6:28 PM. Sorry to say that mu internet connection for the period of three months is static. Good to say that this noon I was able to open my email and blessed enough to have an internet connection. To facilitate the flow of information let me share to you the additional input that the Commission had given me.

To add knowledge on this bill, here is a brief history, content and present status as of May of 2012.

Here is the Letter of Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippine's National Secretariat for Social Action - Justice and Peace headed by Edwin Gariguez as the Executive Secretary and Bishop Rolando J. Tria Tirona, OCD. DD as the chairman of the Episcopal Commission on Social Action.
Let us be reminded that following the footsteps of our Lord Jesus Christ requires us to be grounded on solid grounds as our gospel echoes yesterday from the evangelist Matthew 7: 21-29. One of the direct application is in curbing graft and corruption we need the Right of Information Bill for a better transparency in public service in the government.
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