Monday, March 31, 2014

Office Mobile On Android

Microsoft office decided to make his mobile office available to android users free of charge. You can now make, edit or browse your Microsoft office that contains word, excel and powerpoint. However you have to login with your Microsoft account.


Thursday, March 27, 2014


Are you using MRT or Metro Rail Transit as a form of transportation? If yes, you need this application. This is an application for android devices that will help you monitor the activities and the volume of passengers in every station. They are only online during operations. I have not really been able to monitor if all cctv camera are working, there is also a map provided by Google to assist you for direction.  Look for it at your Google play or Apps store.


How Fast?

There is a big difference of improvement so far in the internet speed here in the Philippines since it became available to us, though we are below compare to our neighboring Asian countries. An individual could have a faster access to internet depending on one's financial capacity. However, whatever is your data plan, surely you will experience some slower pace as summer begins. Why? More people especially children will be using the internet highways. So do not freak out. 

I suggest that make your internet time during the early morning rather than evening.


Solemnizing Officer Information System Available to Public

You would like to see if your solemnizing priest/minister/rabbi/imam/judge has a marriage licence? You forgot your marriage license number. You can check it up on the internet on this address Above is mine since the national statistic office decided to computerized the solemnizing officer information system and open it to public.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Church Created a New Commission for the Protection of MInors

For decades the Church was been accused of protecting abusive priests. We could not deny that there are few. There is no evidence presented whatsoever that the church has ever protected any abuser priest.It should be noted also that the Catholic Church is the only institution who is making a lot of effort concerning this matter. What is clear today through the creation of the Episcopal Commission for the Protection of the Minors is one of the tangible and organized way of dealing this matter.


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Yellow Pages in the Net!

Looking for the contact number whether of email or phone of  Mamerto Pingol Metal Craft manufacturing because I would like to inquire on the Tenebrae hearse hoping to find other contact number because the number I have is unreachable. I have sent also an email but no response. I am contemplating on whether to buy from them if I can afford their prize. On searching I noticed that yellow pages is in the net. Thank God. It was been a long time to get a copy of yellow pages from PLDT but they usually do not have stocks as their office usually responded concerning this matter even on the month of January. It is really nice to see that more people are posting in the net for a wide range of information.


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Panalangin kay San Martin de Porres *

San Martin de Porres, ikaw na palaging  nakikidalamhati  sa mga mahihirap at mga naghihirap, ay pinagkakatiwalaan namin sa iyong kabutihan at pagmamahal. Kami ay lumalapit sa iyo na tulungan mo kaming idulog sa makapangyarihang Diyos  ang aming kahilingan. Ang biyayang natanggap mo mula sa Diyos ay humihikayat sa amin ngayon upang hilingin ang iyong pamamagitan. Buong kababaang-loob kaming nagsusumamo upang kami rin, katulad mo ay palaging maging kaibigan ni Kristo na binuhos  ang buhay sa pagmamahal sa  Diyos at sa kapwa habang nabubuhay dito sa lupa. Ngayong nasa presenysa ka na ng Diyos Ibulong mo sa Bathalang mangagamot na ipagkaloob sa amin ang kalusugan ng kaluluwa at katawan. Amen.

* Personally composed by your humble servant, still asking for Ecclesiastical approval as of this date.


Prayer to Saint Martin de Porres

St. Martin de Porres, you always had sympathy for the poor and those who are suffering. We need your help and now ask for it with great confidence in your goodness and power. The favor you received from God encourage us now to ask your intercession. We Ask you must humbly to befriend us and assist us from your place in heaven . When you were here on earth. You spent your life loving God and your neighbor .Now that you live in the presence of God intercede for us and beg the Divine Physician to give us health of soul and body. Amen.


Thursday, March 6, 2014

St. Martin de Porres in 360

Reflecting on one of our religious practices during Lenten season is the so called, Visita Iglesia as commonly known or Lakbay Dasal as some named it or Parokyang Estasyon or Parish Station as not to confused with the term Visita Iglesia that is first used  during the Holy Thursday evening visits to the blessed Sacraments being adored in all Catholic Churches. Some websites have offered a virtual tours to some known and historic Churches. On the same way on my part, it has come to my reflection why not find a software that can do that and present the Churches of Laguna. Well, we have a lot of plans but there is no time to accomplish so I started with the parish I am assigned to, St. Martin de Porres. Here is the St. Martin de Porres Parish Church in 360.


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Prayer of Migrant Workers and their Families

Prayer of oversees contract workers and their families. 

We have talk much about the situations, plight and struggles of migrant workers for almost eternity. It is time to start something and I believe that the first step is to pray. Here is the prayer for such intention especially that we will celebrate the first Sunday of Lent which we dedicate for the migrants and their families. Surely, God will show us the way of other programs and activities that might transpire as we go on to assist the families of the migrant workers.

This prayer was born through the coordinated effort of the following persons while I was assigned in St. Augustine Parish, Bay, Laguna, Philippines:

Archie Santos, Rodolfo & Yollie Billate, Zena Bernardo, Milagros S. Castillo, Domeng & Aurea Balmes, Eliseo & Krischelle Naval, Favy & Janet Maghirang, Myla Marie S. Castillo,  and Rev. Fr Jessie G. Somosierra Jr.