Friday, June 27, 2014

Missio Canonica 2014

Through the efforts of the elders of the Church to encourage the faithful to participate in the building of the Kingdom of God and as an adherence to the call of Christ as part of His Mystical body proclaiming the Good News of salvation. It is of God's generosity of giving His Church newly trained individual as Catechist coming from different parishes of the Diocese of San Pablo. To be counted, 86 new catechist were commissioned today by the Bishop Buenaventura Famadico in the Cathedral of San Pablo. Eleven from the Ecclesiastical District 1, thirty six from Ecclesiastical District 2, 23 from the Ecclesiastical District 3 and sixteen from Ecclesiastical District 4. 

Missio Canonica 2014 by Slidely Photo Gallery
The Diocesan Catechetical Commission of San Pablo is directed by Rev. Fr. Buenaventura C. Ubarco with Rev. Fr. Jessie G. Somosierra, Jr., Rev. Fr. John Derrick I. Manalo, Rev. Fr. Raul C. Matienzo and Rev. Fr. Jose Francis Calo as district directors of I,II,III, and IV respectively. Along with the nun and lay coordinator, Sr. Ma. Edna M. Marie, MCST, Alita A. Dedicatoria, Sr. Demetria P. Sabio, MCST, Isidro R. Magtalas, Sr. Evangeline Bradecina, MCST, Maria Lourdes M. Isleta, Sr. Digna Alcantara, MCST, Benjamin A. Alvarez. Rev. Fr. Elden Cabuhat is the finance officer and Sr. Sofia F. Dalangan, MCST is the coordinator and Rev. Fr. Emiliano Urriquia is the Assistant Director.

We pray that this new batch of catechist will enliven the faith in this challenging time.


Additional Material and Information for Right of Information Bill

The Catholic Social Action of the San Pablo Diocese of which I belong sent me materials just yesterday evening at exactly 6:28 PM. Sorry to say that mu internet connection for the period of three months is static. Good to say that this noon I was able to open my email and blessed enough to have an internet connection. To facilitate the flow of information let me share to you the additional input that the Commission had given me.

To add knowledge on this bill, here is a brief history, content and present status as of May of 2012.

Here is the Letter of Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippine's National Secretariat for Social Action - Justice and Peace headed by Edwin Gariguez as the Executive Secretary and Bishop Rolando J. Tria Tirona, OCD. DD as the chairman of the Episcopal Commission on Social Action.
Let us be reminded that following the footsteps of our Lord Jesus Christ requires us to be grounded on solid grounds as our gospel echoes yesterday from the evangelist Matthew 7: 21-29. One of the direct application is in curbing graft and corruption we need the Right of Information Bill for a better transparency in public service in the government.
Picture: Between Sundays


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Pass The Right of Information Bill

The Right for Information. This is the battle cry of those who pushes changes in the government. An idea wishes to be seen as  a reality since it was first proposed in the Philippine Congress twenty seven years ago. The right of Information was enshrined in the 1987 Philippine Constitution. However, a law must be enacted so that its proper passage to the daily life will be directed towards a more transparent and clean governance.

The CBCP - NASSA, that is the Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines' National Secretariat for Social Action-Justice and Peace is joining the campaign for the passage of the Bill this 16th Philippine Congress. Please be advised that all parishes are requested to pass signature campaign materials for the said purpose.

Rev. Fr. Rene Iriga, the Diocesan Director of Social Action of  San Pablo reiterated this important campaign which should be submitted this July 7. Rather they will picked it up in each parishes to be collated and be given to the President on his scheduled State Of the Nation Address.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

2014 Year of the Laity

Fellow members of the Diocesan Catechetical Commission of San Pablo has instructed me to give a talk for the ongoing formation of the speakers bureau of the commission this coming July as an introduction for the Year of the Laity: Choose to be brave, called to be saints and sent forth as heroes.

We must remember that the year of the Laity is one of the preparation of the Catholic Bishop's Conference of the Philippines 9 Year Program for the celebration of the Fifth Centennial  commemoration of the First Mass and baptism in the Philippine islands attended by those who first received the faith in Limasawa island in today's southern Leyte.  As a gratitude of joy, we celebrate the coming of Christianity in our archipelago last March 16, 1521 and on Easter of the same year March, 31, we remember the baptism of Rajah Humabon and his wife Harah Amihan to be called in Christian name as Carlos and Juana respectively. As well as on this occasion we set our eyes to the oldest religious icon in Philippines, the Sto. Nino as a gift of Ferdinand Magellan to the first Filipino Catholics. Last year, we started the prograin coincides eith the international Year of Faith called by Pope Francis. The nine year program or era of evangelization is:

2013 - Integral Faith Formation
2014 - Laity
2015 - The Poor
2016 - The Eucharist and the Family
2017 - The Parish as the Communion of Communities
2018 - Clergy and Religious
2019 - Youth
2020 - Ecumenism and Inter-Religious Dialogue
2021 - Missio ad Gentes

This is clearly stipulated in the Pastoral Exhortation on the Era of  New Evangelization: Live Christ, Share Christ promulgated by the CBCP. The Bishops would like to reach all sectors of society with special mention of the twelve, namely;
1. Young Professionals
2. Broken Families
3. Homeless and Jobless
4. Homebound and Prisoners
5. Farmer, Fisher folk and Laborers
6. Troubled Friends
7. Government Employees
8. Civic Organization
9. Public School Teachers
10. Indigenous People
11. Lay Saints and Catholic Filipino Heroes
12. Non Practicing Catholics

Keeping in mind these sectors of society which we wish to reach out will help us to will help us to embark in our spiritual journey towards the realization of Christ's mandate.

On our journey, we have also to see the three faces of Evangelization to help us widen our horizon that our present society demands:
1. Those who do not know Christ
2. Baptized Christians who are experiencing a new existential and cultural situation, which, in fact, has imperiled their faith and their witness
3. Baptized Christians but no longer practice the Christian faith

To understand more on the Era of the Laity, Let us define the word. The word comes from Latin word Laos meaning people. Though the meaning of the word if of general usage in the Latin world, the Catholic Church used it to coined for those people who received the sacrament of baptism and initiated to the faith as confirmed faithful.In short the baptized to differentiated it to those who received the sacred orders and consecrated life. The meaning in the negative sense are those who are not priest, brothers and nuns, simply the baptized and confirmed. 

This is to highlight that power God invested on our baptism. The gift of baptism which directs us to fulfill the mission Christ has entrusted before He ascended to heaven that not only been given to His apostles but even for those faithful followers who accepted his reign which is to 'go and make disciples of all nations and teach them  all of what He commanded". We have been called to share in Christ’s mission to spread the truth through our words and actions. To reach out to those who are in need of us.

The Year of the Laity Logo means:

The heart in the "Choose to be Brave" logo symbolizes LOVE.
The rays behind the hand symbolizes where the laity can be found: in the world, from all walks of life.
The open hand symbolizes the decision of the laity to respond to the call of mission. It also represents "generosity."
The rays symbolize the areas of the world where the Laity are called to bring the light of Christ. We are to "go out" and "make disciples"!
The flame over the heart symbolizes the ardor that the Spirit of Jesus ignites in our hearts so that we may "choose to be brave!"

The Second Vatican Council fathers in the Conciliar Decree Ad Gentes on the Mission Activity of the Church echoes once more God's generosity of giving us all baptized to partake the mission activity of the church (AG 2). A part of the universal design of which he deemed us to participate.  It is of this great gift of which we are invited and if truly we understand the nature of God's design in the history of salvation, we cannot be remain bystander in this great endeavour and privilege.

Choose to be Brave. We received the faith from God and must be accepted with an open heart. A heart, not with a faint heart. It must be a brave heart. To follow the footsteps of our Lord Jesus Christ requires bravery. It needs a loyal heart to withstand  not only pain but  series of pain and tribulation and even a lifetime of humiliation on the part of those who have other belief aside from being a follower of Christ. We need to choose to be brave. Christ chose to be brave in the sight of the cross and suffering. He knows that he is tracking a path of suffering. He did not depart from it. He accepted it with love and humility.
Called to be Saints. Sainthood is a calling, everybody is invited and we have to respond to it as followers of Christ. It is the gift that restores our place in the heavenly kingdom shattered by the sins of our first parents. Now, that it is offered to us back, we should not commit the same mistakes that our first parents have failed. This is the generosity that Conciliar Decree Ad Gentes is speaking about that we have to partake. The calling of sainthood to be truly received must be shared. No saint can enter heaven alone.

Sent as Heroes. Today, there is an ambivalent feeling to be called heroes because heroes dies. Yes, we have to die from our selfishness and materialistic ways. We have to live for others. Though Philippine situations does not require one to be martyred in faith like our two saints who dies in other lands because of faith. We have to offer ourselves as a living sacrifice for others so that they may live in Christ, so that they might know the teaching of Christ. We have to offer ourselves in whatever way so that others might live in Christ.

The Diocese in particular have not yet offered program in manner as envisioned above or had correlated it with the said national program. Maybe because we have new bishop and organizing the different commissions and ministries. However, each parishes can use the information that the National Committee had prepared. Please go to I have also embedded here the program for the year of the laity along with the workbook and manual.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Variant Ways of Celebrating the Feast of Saint John The Baptist

Catholic devotees gather for the holy mass
For years, the only known way of celebrating the feast of Saint John the Baptist aside from Novena and celebration of the Holy Eucharist is the dousing of water symbolizing the baptizing act of the saints to the faithful. I believe every catholic in the Philippines is aware of this. However, first time to see the "taong putik" which literally means mud people in Bibiclat in Aliaga, Nueva Ecija in the northern part of Luzon. The event, which has been observed in the Biblicat village since 1945, sees hundreds of devotees participating to seek blessings and bountiful harvests. The mud people are covered with mud and dress in dried banana leaves representing Saint John the Baptist.

Saint John the Baptist is the elder cousin of our Lord Jesus Christ, the son of Elizabeth and Zachary whom Jesus mother Mary visited before he was born. John was the name Elizabeth and Zachary chose to highlight God's graciousness not only to them but to the humankind as he is the precursor of our Lord Jesus Christ. He points out the long awaited promise of salvation brought by the Messiah.

I developed my homily on the point on the meaning of John's name. Saint John is reminding us today that God continually shows His graciousness to each and everyone of us. His Graces started pouring on us since of our baptism. We should not forget that since the beginning of our existence in baptism God deemed us as blessed and anointed to be part of His family. We should acknowledge and affirmed always this gift. It is only through the very foundation that we will be strengthen to accomplish the very mission that our God has entrusted to each and everyone of us.


Monday, June 23, 2014

Mirabili Dictu International Catholic Film Festival

Have you heard of the Mirabili Dictu International Catholic Film Festival? It is my first time to encounter such film festival, some sectors dubbed it as Catholic Oscar.

Mirabili Dictu means something wonderful to tell or wonderful to relate  in Latin. This International Film Festival is independent, conceived and created by Liana Marabini, a writer, producer, publisher and film maker. The festival was founded in 2010 under the high patronage of the Pontifical Council for Culture, and aims to show the Church from a new perspective: glamourous and traditional at the same time. It  is also privileged place of encounter for actors, directors and film makers, gathered by the concern they may have for the history and the values of the Church.

Since it was the first time that i have heard of it, i have also taken the  entries who won from the previous years:

2010 - Desobeir
         - The Butterfly Circus
         - Janey Marey
         - Veilleurs dans la nuit
2011 - Duns Scoto
         - La última cima
         - Kavi
         - Marcelino pan y vino

2012 - On the Road to Tel Aviv
         - Cercando le 7 chiavi di Antonio Gaudí
         - The War of the Vendée
         - For Greater Glory
         - Inmaculada Hoces 
         - Hay mucha gente buena
         - Robert Hossein (France)

2013 -  Noelle
         - 7 ans de conviction
         - Pour l’amour de l’Amour
         - In Her Footsteps
         - Marie-Christine Barrault, France

Though not all films are for English speaking viewers, I hope that they have English captions. I wish also to see them in my spare time. It is also noteworthy to know that the Catholic Church has developed its sence to professionalized Catholic themed film making. Students and teachers may also use these materials for further growth.

The 2014 Mirabili Dictu International Film Festival have already started this 20th of this month and will end this coming Tuesday. I will post the outcome later on.


Friday, June 20, 2014

Revisiting the First Diocesan Synod

The First Diocesan Synod of San Pablo happened twenty years ago last May 24, 1994.  I am an eight month old priest of the Diocese. I am one of the staff drafted by the Synodal Fathers particularly for documentation purposes. As a young priest a vast information of doctrinal and collated experiences from the survey have an enormous impact on the course of the Synod. From the painstaking effort and long nights without sleep from the delegates and for those involved to level the ground for the seed to be planted and be nourished.

Personally, I thanked the Bishop Buenaventura Famadico for bringing this issue that have stayed in slumber over the years. Bishop Famadico sees that this fruit of labor though been delegated to a small number of representatives is an effort as a whole of the Diocese to assess and give practical suggestions and directives to the flow of pastoral thrust that this Diocese of San Pablo must pursue as we interpret it in the present situation hoping to find out the message of Christ to be heard in the present situation.

There is a Facebook page created to help the faithful to understand the Synod of the Diocese of San Pablo and be able to drive some points that may somehow gear us towards the fulfillment of Christ mandate to bring the Good News to all nations. The Facebook page  is First Diocesan Synod of San Pablo: Revisited after 20 years.


Why PLDT DSL Internet connection having problems?

This is the question, I asked for several times for almost three weeks while speaking with their representative or technical assistance or simply the assigned call center agent of which have no knowledge at all of the problem being encountered. Well, I am not really sure if this is an isolated event or people using the broadband cannot spot the difference of slow connection or no connection at all, because you might think that you are still online and appear that the screen is slowly loading but in reality has no connection at all.

Practically, I am already tired of calling the repair hotline because the  call center agent will only let you repeat the  basic procedure of checking if you are physically connected or not. They will tell you the rehearse line that they are assessing the issue. Well, I have not against all that but hey you can see from the history log that this caller is not just calling for the first time. It was been a series of call that span for several weeks. Are they really making some assessment and does not know the issue at hand when it was been for a long time. i suspect however that they already know the answer but has not have the courage to spit it out that the problem comes from their end of the line. Well, There is no evidence for such allegation but the very fact that normalcy has not been restored even their is enough power to do so.

What do I suspect? That there was a clog of usage of the bandwidth within the area because of their promo for the installation and upgrading of the plan that one subscriber holds. Adding the load of the subscriber on a certain area of which it was design before for a lower consumption but now has upgraded because of the promo without adjusting the physical connection will surely led for disaster. 

The same has happened when Epass  has offered a slice of the price this year. A lot of those who avail and even some who were subscriber before encountered glitch from their gadgets of not registering to the terminal their car tag status. Remember that these are newly bought gadgets for special price. I thought before that the gadget might be defective. Some Epass personnel commented that problem was caused by the car tint. I have read before the instruction and I know that I remember well that it was clearly stated that no tint will in any way interfere   with the gadget. As the time pass by normalcy returns because adjustment with the inclusion of the newly bought Epass tag was corrected.

So, what shall I do? Normalcy will surely return as time passes by because it will be corrected as we go along. The Filipino way. If we will take this simply as the Filipino way, a charade and an insult to the rest of the Filipinos. As a priest, I will take  a deep breath and thank God for the gift of patience and  offer of prayer that let us open our eyes and work together to a more higher standard of which we might be attuned with.


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Problem with

From my past video files saved in You Tube through live streaming  in Ustream I have noticed that the video seems like in fast forward mode. I thought it was just a glitch but when I uploaded a video file I have taken through the same camera I find out that the difference was the phase of the video, The save file from the streaming, the Ustream allows video to be saved for some time and can be uploaded to You Tube. The defect is not in You Tube because the video file saved in Ustream is the original one and also defective. If Uploading to You Tube is the problem the original file will be not. But the case is that the Ustream file is already defective.

It was on the month of May when I started writing this but since until now, I cannot really understand, why I am encountering such problem. It could be bandwidth with the free account that make the saved file sounds like a chipmunk. For the moment that I am studying to migrate with other live streaming applications I come up with a more not convenient solutions but at least will achieved what I desired of. If ever there is a clear internet connection, I am encountering interference with internet connection with almost three weeks from now with my PLDT provider, I will record through Ustream using my Samsung Camera and used the saved file from my Sony camera for clear and not a chipmunk voice quality and normal pacing video quality.


Prayer of Consecration to the Holy Family

O Jesus, our most loving Redeemer,
who having come to enlighten the world with Your teaching and example, willed to pass the greater part of Your life humbly and in subjection to Mary and Joseph in the poor home of Nazareth, thus sanctifying the Family that was to be an example for all Christian Families, graciously take to Yourself our family as it dedicates and consecrates itself to You this day. Defend us, guard us, and establish among us Your holy fear, true peace, and harmony in Christian love; in order that by conforming ourselves to the divine pattern of Your family all of us without exception may be able to attain to eternal happiness. 

Mary dear Mother of Jesus and our Mother, by your kindly intercession make this our humble offering acceptable in the sight of Jesus, and obtain for us His graces and blessings. 

O saint Joseph, most holy Guardian of Jesus and Mary, help us by your prayers in all our spiritual and temporal necessities; that so we may be enabled to praise our divine Saviour Jesus, together with Mary and You for all eternity. Amen


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Pagtatalaga ng Pamilya sa Banal na Pamilya nina Jesus, Maria at Jose

O Hesus na aming Panginoon at Mananakop, masdan Mo ang aking pamilya na naninikluhod sa Iyong banal na harapan at sa bayan ng Diyos. Itinatalaga namin sa Iyo ang aming sarili, maging sa kahirapan at kasaganaan, kalungkutan at kagalakan. Hinihiling namin na ang aming tahanan ay maging dambana ng kapayapaan, pagmamahalan at pananampalataya.

O Diyos, ibinibigay Mong huwaran sa amin ang Banal na Pamilya ng Nasaret. Loobin momg masunod ng aming pamilya ang pagmamahalan at banal na pamumuhay upang matamo namin ang ligaya at gantimpalang walang hanggan sa langit.

O Maria, mapagmahal na ina ni Hesus, ikaw ay inangkin naming ina rin. Kung paanong inalagaan mo si Hesus hanggang sa Siya ay lumaki sa dunong at biyaya, gayon dn naman, hinihiling ng aming pamilya na kami ay idalangin sa lahat ng sandali ng aming buhay.

O Jose, butihing ama, tagapangalaga nina Hesus at Maria, tulungan mo po kaming manalangin sa lahat ng aming mga kahilingan at pangangailangan.

Hesus, Maria at Jose, itinatalaga namin sa iyo ang aming katawan at kaluluwa, ngayon at magpakailanman. Amen