Adelina 1 Elementary School 2015-2016

As the school years has already begun and the school classes normalizes, we also tried to bring spiritual assistance to the students and teacher by having the Holy Spirit Mass. Asking God for His continual protection and care as well as guidance so that we might be wise enough to use the gift of intelligence.

Yesterday, along with the catechists of the parish, we celebrated the Holy Mass in the Adelina 1 Elementary School students and teachers. As the Gospel of the day suggests (MT 9:1-8) we pray to get rid of the evil spirit in this world. Christ himself have taught us the power of prayer and the power of prayer of the humble ones like the little children. Teaching children about our faith is a tough one, all catechist and parents experience that difficulty. Yet, we have to remind ourselves that it is a part of our duty to get rid of the evil spirit comes first from the conversion of the heart on the belief that only through the power of our Lord Jesus Christ we can drive evil away.

We have to bring people nearer to Jesus so that no evil spirit can snap anyone. Any acts of piety is welcome either to be prayed communally or individually, with the preeminence of the Holy Mass.

Additional note, Adelina 1 Elementary School was newly established as a separate elementary school detaching itself from the main school Sampaguita Elementary School. Formerly, it was an attached entity of the said Sampaguita Elementary School. It comprises three buildings with two buildings having two floors and one three floors building. The building is in the path of the West Valley Fault and really congested. Yes, It is congested even if it has two shifts to accommodate all the students. we have also to pray to drive political evil that permits corruption that bankrupted our treasury and deprived our children of proper education. We have also to pray for ecological evil that threaten the lives of people around the west valley fault and of the teachers and students of this school that stands in the path of the west valley fault