Katesismo Para sa Pilipinong Katoliko Blog

Katesismo para sa Katolikong Pilipino is the Filipino version of the Catechism of the Catholic Church which I have started as project to put in the Internet since 2009. My fault was that I used one of the third party plugin that ruined my whole blog, neoworx-blog-tools.net. One of the mistake of using third party application because I do not have the money to get a paid counter, or I chose poorly on what application to use that will not sabotage my whole work. Well, what we can do for those whom we cannot control. Praying that these people using Internet will not put those who trusted them or their system to freeze whenever their work or their company crashed down.

katesismo.blogspot.com as of today is one of the many projects I have started that have been forgotten tha I wish to revive. There will be many revival that will follow. I wonder why God is not answering my prayers for some projects I wish to start, there are a lot of project that were been forgotten that I have to finish.

Since it was conceived, the blog has only 31 post but has accumulated 62,482 page view even though neoworkx has defaced it.

I have some preliminary adjustment for the moment, so that I could be accessed as it is, so that it will not be directed to defunct neocounter.