Mobile Application Making

It is not at all easy to put something that can be find in your mind that can be seen in the real world and I may add the opposite is also the same. However, its difficulty or easeness may differ to individuals. There are people who can easily put into action what they find abstract in their mind and those also who can conceptualized and verbalized what is present to everyday life.

It was been sometimes that I envisioned to make a mobile applications of what I am making in the internet. I have started with my blog, the Priest but only through the use of QR codes. How many out there who knows how to use QR codes. Well, you have to upload a QR code reader first to to so and scan the QR canvas which my blog application can be found and begin downloading.

It was been a long time that I made it though accessible only through the QR codes. Why? Several reasons have hindered me to launch it through a google play. First, you need to test the waters first. most of the predictions points on the need for all sites either blog or websites to be ready to adjust to be accessed with mobile applications but also to design their sites so that who uses mobile application does not necessarily know how to use web address. Most young generations and apple users are used to downloadable applications rather than with the web.

So far, what I am working now is the application for Catholic prayers in English, Latin and Filipino that can actually be found in or, both will direct you on the same site. Practically, it was an old site, an even long forgotten site, but it was the site according to the statistic is one of the sites I created that has a large number of visitors even though it has a very small number of post.

Making website is quite easier than making mobile applications. Well, that is simply cased on my own experience. Maybe because you make your material more available with much ease than those with that can accessed with the web browser.

More safety precautions were required not only for developers but more on the users and the law requires the developers to be loyal to that cause by having a tedious assessment of the applications. This application is only for a transfer of Data but the internet specifically, the google console and maybe entity or entities like it.

You can be amazed of what today and the future can offer. Even alerts on the ineffeciency of your application can be programmed.

Today marks one of the long awaited dream that has come to reality. My first application was published in Google Play just hours before.

Google console has already recommended me to make a campaign for the said applications and make some Adwords on it. Let us see how much it will cost to advertise it on Google. However, I decided not to advertise on Google since this is already a free application.

One of the delay of this application is the lack of credit card necessary to purchase money to open an application in Google or to apple. Apple based gadgets are not yet supported. I was not given a credit card coming from other banks because I do not have a substantial regular income. I was able to have a credit card is due to Paymaya. I will talk about it in a different time.

Rev. Fr. Zaldy Urgena is the first one I know who downloaded this application and his observation was the font cannot be enlarged or reduced. I will try to develop this as time pass by. There will be a lot of improvement, God willing.