Huwag Kayong Mabagabag.

Do not worry. Do not be alarm. These are the words our Lord Jesus Christ assures the apostles and all of us who follows His footsteps. Yes. there are too many things in this world that may bother us. Let me cite you this example not to alarm you but to let you be aware that there are hidden forces around us, hidden dark forces. There is an ad in the Inquirer newspaper in today's edition quoting an OSB nun name Sister Joan Chittister, which I believe is out of context in the add that appeared in page A11 under the heading of "Do you Care?"

I have no knowledgw of a sister Joan Chittister, OSB nor of her writings. However, it might appear that the whole page advertisement can be directed towards her because there is no signatories of the said advertisement. Was the advertisement a paid or not or was it a part of the campaign of the inquirer. As far as my knowledge is concern paid advertisement should include the payee and people concern of the said letter. It might wrongly appear that it is a part of Inquirer's program or there is a hidden powerful hand behind it.  

let us pray, that people will not be deceived of this dirty tactics that will distract us from what we fundamentally believe, the sacredness of life even of the unborn.