Solo Parents Welfare Act

Solo Parents Welfare Act, have you heard of it? Thanks to Ms. Zena Bernardo who was been active for a long period of time for the  welfare of the Solo parents that has become a part of the law of the country even on the Year 2000 signed by then President Joseph Ejercito Estrada.. It was been a long time since I heard from Zena this before but I was been alarmed when she posted on Facebook on a propose activity for Teen Solo Parents. It has struck me that, hey there is also a part of our society that we must also see and take care of. Primarily it let me pause for a moment to ask these questions: Is there any solo parent in my parish? How many are they? What are the age bracket? How could you categorized the teen solo parent?. What are the circumstances of their situations of becoming solo parents?

Browsing the internet, I found out a copy of the said Solo Parent Welfare Act of  2000.

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Ms. Zena has forwarded me also a proposed amendment of the said welfare act. I am sharing it with you here hoping to gain more understanding on the plight of our solo parents as well as to promote a healthy discussion and even making programs for the benefit of the solo parents and of our society. For the church, it is a part of our calling to help them and provide assistance. However the thought of including them as a sectors should be highlighted as it is already inacted into a law, meaning that the government and Filipino society deemed it  to be addressed.

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I am more interested on the tools to start all these endeavors stipulated in the law. To Know them, to gather them, and to let them involve. there will be other organizations that will surely take part on this work but it should be spearheaded by the Catholic Church.

Thank you Ms. Zena for the work you are doing and for the forms you have forwarded me. I will look for people in my parish to see this opus to be started.

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Before I forgot Ms. Zena Bernardo is a founder of a Non Government Organization called Bahay Amihan, an NGO for solo parents, if you are interested contact her though her facebook page She is eager to help.