What happened to VodPod?

Rearanging the elements of my blogs have encountered a lot of dead links as I have mentioned in my previous post. Aside from the numerous sites listed there is Vodpod. The internet is so silent about it demise. Was it not been missed at all though I read a lot of post claiming to have used it in their websites and blogsites. i cannot also find a write up from Wikipedia concerning this matter only a last tweet from Vodpod tweeter account last January 19, 2012 with the statements "Sorry for the outages, everybody, it was not intentional. Service should be back now." From that momentt nothing was heard from them. i do not know if the subscribers like me was been given information of the discontinuance of their service. The company was bought by Lockerz for an undisclosed amount three months before, October 20, 2011.

now, I have to removed my collections from the side bars. There are a total of 28 pods or albums of videos arranged as stipulated below. It has also been given much time to arrange it, but now they will be gone. Well, this a part of a free service that can easily be shut down without any warning. maybe wwe will find another service that might offer the same features.

Animal Kingdom
Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines Media
Civilization of Love
Collection of Homilies
Different Congregations
Diocese of San Pablo
Family and Life
Food For Thoughts
May Flower
My Catholic Faith
My Channel
Pondo ng Pinoy
Religious Concert
Prayers Wrapped in Songs
Saints and Miracles
San Pablo Network
Virgin Mary