St. Anthony abbot

St. Anthony the Abbot or Anthony of Egypt was an Egyptian monk, the founder of monastic seclusion in the Catholic tradition. Patron of those who have skin deseases.

Today is he feast of St. Anthony, the abbot, the patron saint of one of my barrangay called Brgy. Bitin. Four years ago, the celebration of the feast of the said barrangay was moved from February 14 to January 17. The bishop have even published a rescript on the matter last three years ago. But, until now the people celebrates the feast on February 14. During my homily on the said feast, this is one of the endeavor that we have to face and accept as one of the difficult decision but a clear manifestation that we are following the mandate of the Church that Christ has founded.

I have tasked the leaders of the community there to built an altar on the left side of the chapel in honor of the patron. Right after the Mass, a parishioner offered a ten thousand pesos for the said project. Our God is using every means to touch our hearts including the saints, Thank you Lord. Thank you St. Anthony

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