Free Medical and Dental Clinic

One of the Program of the Parish is the quarterly, dental and medical check up. Today it was handled by the Lectors and Commentator's Guild to facilitate the said program. It was been discussed in the previous meeting that to familiarized with the work on the matters of social concern. It should be the work of only one group who will specialized on that field because rotating it on all the existing organization will require a lot of work from all. All organization will start from the scratch, and before they could handle the same project they might not be around to do it. Since we have 30 organizations.
So it is better that one group will host the said event with the cooperation all the members of the Parish Pastoral Council. I have asked the Catholics Womens' League if they have enough strength do undertake the said project. They have responded positively which is also very in alignment with the thrust of their apostolate, social action.

We would like to thank all those concern who make this event successful. The Doctors who responded with our invitation to assists us are
  • Dra. Arnet Focunda
  • Dr. Dino Focunda
  • Dr. Genedina Oliveros Aljama
  • Dr. Fe Pantas
  • Dra. Conicondi
And the Dentists who helped us to extract teeth from the patients are:
  • Dra. Lisa quidayan -Gero
  • Dra. Ada Solmerano
  • Dra. Eye delos Santos
  • Dra. Lynnette Coniconde
  • Dra. Rhoda Billate
  • Dra. Loida Lanceras
  • Dr. Isagani Timog