You and I

Attorney Realeza of Siniloan Laguna invited me to their gathering You and I, It is a group of composed of Siniloan residents of high standing in the community who wishes to come together for civility once a year. There presentations of the Filipino culture is superb. Some of the said presentation are Pandango sa Ilaw, Tinikling, Maranao Dance. It is a night remembering our cultural heritage because it is what we are.

It was late when I arrive there, however, they have just started. I was ushered by Ruben Tuazon to the stage to company of those invited from Sta. maria, Laguna. Fr. Doy Bariring prayed the invocation. Fr. Albert San Jose just came right after me. Fr. Doy Nariring invited us in the presidential table because as all of us are, new to our respective assignments.

I left the venue when they are dancing the quitillion.

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