Pangmasang Pagamutan ng Laguna

I was been infuriated early this morning when I received the water bill, The bill states an amount beyond my capacity and understanding. I immediately asked my companions to check all the valves and faucets.

Since I have arrived here, I have been trying hard to be frugal in the use of electricity and water to conserve enough for some repairs. And after being careful on using unnecessary energy consuming gadgets like aircon, I was devastated with this news. It has weakened my spirit. I just asked the Lord for more patience. Some of my boys here are not not taking care of water faucet properly. Even if they are not the one who caused it because some parishioners do not know how to close what they have opened. I instructed them to check all valves every day and night.

The Pangmasang Pagamutan ng Laguna situated in Maitim, Bay, Laguna invited me to celebrate Mass today on the occasion of their eighteen (18) years of existence.

The hospital is the fourth largest of the eight hospital in Laguna. It has not much to offer in compare with the private run hospitals in the are but it has helped a lot of poor people who could not afford the high rate of hospitalization. The hospital has no surgery department but it has first aid section and it is effectively been in service of the other needs. This year, one of its wings is scheduled for renovation.

After the celebration of the Holy Eucharist in the hospital, I decide to passed by at South Supermarket, it is just few hundred metersaway from the hospital to buy some stuff for breakfast. Fr. Thor Villacarlos was alo there buying some food for his visitors who will be coming today.

Our discussion centered on the new diocesan set-up of the presbyteral council. The practice before is that the vicar foranes are part of the conclave. Now, it was directed to the another department under pastoral. Well, we know that their is an amful and reasonable reason to do so, however the concern here is not simply the chage of the organization set-up but by properly informing the presbyterate before the changes take effects to avoid miscommunications and misunderstanding.

Personally, I do not attend the monthly assembly for some time for reasons that I might right here for another occasion. I was notified that the general assembly was not meeting for two months since the last assembly. The matter being discussed was not even brought even then.

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