Everyday there is a new discovery. looking for some program in putting my slides aside from what I already know. I find this splashcast. Uploading photos here requires a lot of time than using filmloop. However, I encountered problem with filmloop when I reformat my computer when it bog down last week. I could no longer acces my filmloop slides besides by having it linked to my sites. Present links will not be affected but, it will no longer serviceable to future usages beyond a linked slideshow. lookin to find out if I could still use the old slides, this is what I found mixercast. I will speak abot it later on.
Ooooooops..... there are some glitches on this slide. I will post it later.

After the Mass, I was invited for breakfast by one of my parishioners in Sto. Domiggo, Bay, Laguna. I obliged and I found out this beautiful haven. If there is nothng to do, I would like to stay for further reflection. It seems that here time doesn't passes by. Remebering the transfiguration of Christ wherein St. Peter commented to build three huts rather than going down to Jerusalem. But like Christ, we have to come down to our own Jerusalems.

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