Vicariate Lay Minister's monthly ongoing seminar

Rev. Fr. Thor Villacarlos giving on-going seminar to the vicariate lay ministers of the Holy Communion. He consilidated the three previous talk on the subject of the Apostolic exhortation of the Pope Benedict XVI's Sacramentum caritatis. The first three talks were given by:
Rev. Fr. Gomer Torres - The Eucharist as the Sacrament to believe
Rev. Fr. Jessie Somosierra, Jr. - The Eucharist as the sacrament to be celebrated
Rev. Fr. Marvi Villamir - The Eucharist as the sacrament to be lived.

During the said celebration, that there must be something to be done concerning the number of lay ministers participating in the said seminar. Though the number is considerable large but it is only less than half of the total number of all lay ministers of the Eucharist in the vicariate of Immaculate Conception.
Since, it is the fourth time that the said gathering is being held. It is clear from the log book and of my observation that there is a need to focus on the attendants. Speakers prepare for the said gathering and it should have a wide effect to all the lay ministers of the vicariate not only for a certain number of it. It will not give its 100 percent effect if this will continue. I told the officers to look closely on this matter and even to pass a resolution to address the problem.

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