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I was been almost three months that I failed to post for several reasons of which I can enumerate but I will not leave it at the moment unanswered. The very reason that i started to resume this post in the midst of may work and commitment because somebody have told me in the chanchery office that he chatted with me. i seldom chat because it consume a lot of time for me and distract me from my work. however, this one is not simply chatting but also using my name and asking for money. He is telling the people to send me some money either as a donation of as a lease. As I have said before, I seldom chat and when concerns with money I am too cautious to ask somebody. I am not in a situation of which there is a need, a great need to ask somebody for it. I have been in the poorest parish of the diocese and I did not asked anybody except for a fee for our annual retreat. Some priests of the diocese who are generous enough help me with this problem and i approached them personally.

Anybody who will receive an email or through chat claiming it comes from me asking for money do bot give him/her/them. It is a scam. Be careful!

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