Excruciating pain

There are two nuptial mass schedule for this Saturday, but I asked the help of Rev. Fr. Frederick to attend to the said marriages because I have other masses to attend to on the evening. However, I have a scheduled house blessing, supposed to be two but the last schedule blessing asked me if I could also bless the house of her sister, I obliged since the house is also in the vicinity.

On these blessings, the host usually invite me for a simple celebration. I ate on both blessings which keep me wondering what wrong with what I have eaten because this afternoon i felt an excruciating pain in my stomach and experience loose bowel movement. I never experience that pain before. During the evening masses in the barrio, I have really felt the pain that has almost knock me out. I was tempting already to ask to be sent to the emergency room in any hospital near us. Instead I took two tablets of medicine and after the masses I went directly to my room and sleep the pain over without taking anything for supper.

I suspect the water was the culprit.

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