Canonical Interview

Canonical Interview

Canonical interview for couple who wishes to be married is part of my second and fourth Sunday of the month schedule. Though Sunday is a hectic day for a priest it is also the reasonable day for couples who are free on Sundays and working during weekdays.

There are five couples scheduled today. Some of them are already living together as husbands and wives. When asked why they preferred to live together before the ceremony of marriage. They responded that they were not prepared then financially. It is a matter of fact that financial reason is part and partial of marriage preparation. However the psychological, spiritual and moral aspects should not be overshadowed on the process. This is just one of the indications that the church specifically the parish should keep an eye on and offer remedies.

One of my fellow parish priest once commented on the issue that his experience is worse than mine. Simply, because, though on my experience, marriage is quite late as expected on Christian standard, his parish is experiencing lesser marriages. They don’t get married, they just live together.

Filipino culture as well as Christian teachings give importance on the value of family is under threat. Culture, religion and society are losing their grip on the new generation. Young generations are bold to take actions without considering the broader consequences.

To approach the problem, I believe, is to let the next generation know and fell the consequences “graphically” by presenting to them a present situation which corresponds to the teachings of the church which could be found in their own milieu.