Thursday, January 19, 2006

An Emergency

An Emergency

My plan this afternoon is to attend two birthdays, one in Calamba and the other in Bi┼łan, both in Laguna. I was hoping to visit them and greet them but not all plan goes as expected. After lunch, one of my church workers approach asking me if they could borrow my FX van. It is an emergency. I was confused because I was hoping to leave also that afternoon but the problem is of great important than my iterinary, so I agreed to lent my mode of transportation and cancel my appointments. I telephoned them that I could not come to their birthday celebrations.

God’s way is so strange!

Since, I already asked my fellow priest of the neighboring town to substitute me for afternoon’s mass but I could not leave. I decided to spend an afternoon nap instead. At least, it gives me some rest.

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