Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Happy Birthday Happy!

Happy Birthday Happy!

I was informed by my secretary that the programmer I hired is celebrating her birthday today. She is now 24 of age. Her name is Edessa Corona nicknamed Happy. A graduate of computer programming in AMA Sta. Cruz. Married and had a Son.

For almost two years, she programmed the Parish Registry Program and the Parish Finance Program. Parish Registry Program is a digital counterpart of the Parish Registry Books which contains the baptismal, confirmation, marriage and death records of the parishioners. There are also some programs develop by other programmers but I am not satisfied. There are also foreign one but they are not suited to Philippine usage. Mine is practically the digital counterpart of the books. This is also tantamount to a digital copy of the original. The Parish Finance Program is still undergoing some polishing but it is almost finished. It is a program that contains the financial status of the parish.

We decided to have a little snacks this afternoon with pancit and soft drinks to celebrate with.

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