"He Taught with Authority"

Mk 1: 22
“He taught with authority”

Proclaiming the Good News of salvation is one of the most important and urgent task that we have to fulfill as Jesus Christ himself have told us to do. However, in today’s society where a lot of people are proclaiming the good news of salvation which sometimes holds opposite views, others are left in confusion and darkness.
On the other hand, there are people who are complaining that they are teaching what they believe are true were unheeded, what’s the problem?

The Lord is teaching us the example that we have to teach with authority unlike that of the way the scribes and Pharisees do. There are two things I would like to share.

First, The first reading from the book of Deuteronomy 18:15-20 that the Lord will send prophets as his spokesperson as a reaction to the request of the Israelites that they don’t want the Lord to talk to them as in the burning bush or in the face of Moises who are filled with heavenly life, They felt that they will die. They could not contain the holiness and power of God. It is then important that to teach in authority should come from the Lord. It is his words that will guide us through this life so that we could attain a life truly alive in this world and eternal life in heaven.
It connotes two things. One, the importance of the written word of God, the bible, this was discussed last Sunday as we celebrated the bible week. God speaks through the bible. Two, what about on some instances and issues that the bible is silence about and also on issues and circumstances which were not present during the Old and New Testament times. Issues that could be interpreted as vague or non existent. It is true that God is constantly speaking to us, but on what ground could we really say that it is God who speaks. The first reading is clear on that issue. He sends prophets. Who are the prophets of the present times? His ordained ministers, God speaks through his priests. God has make it a point that God’s word would not be watered down for He himself have cautioned those whom he sends to be careful for they will suffer His wrath for those whoever speak against Him or His message.

Second, when Jesus Christ commanded the devil to left the man in turmoil, the devil responded in accordance to the His words. There are fundamental truths that the devil accepts. There are truths that no one can deny. One may deny it but deep in their hearts they believe that they could not implicate otherwise. There are undeniable facts that no arguments can stand. A man who speaks with authority proclaims these facts with certainty.

Challenge. The parish’s thrust is based on five important values:
To promote the culture of life and to combat the culture of violence and death. All of use here surely believes it but to teach it with authority, we must forget vengeance. It should start with our thoughts that no harm should be stumbling blocks to attain this reality. Vengeance should be crossed out as our means to find solutions for what others have caused us and to our families. Every time, I celebrate in the funeral rites of who’s been a victim of violence and murder, id do not forget to utter this reminder. So do the same as you speak to one another. Do not console the bereaved family by offering your help by this means of actions on your part or even insinuate that you have friends that could do the job.
On married life and strengthening of family values. No children will believe that they are loved by their parents when you parents do not rear them. Parents sometimes complain that they were not been followed by their children. But when they asked them, who took care of your children when they are infants, they responded their lolos and lolas (grandparents). When you want to speak with authority you should rear your children form the start they saw the light in this world.
On Environment. We saw the destructive power of nature in our midst. But, if you will not stop cutting trees without replacing them. When you cut one tree, you should replace them not lesser than two.
On the faithfulness of Church workers. The second reading ( 1Corintians 7:32-35) acknowledges the contributions of those who work for the vineyards of the Lord. You should be the good example by living a humble and holy life.
On priests, The second reading explains why the church opted that priests should not marry. Well, St. Paul did not make it as a compulsory requirement. He recommends it so that priests could concentrate on the proclamation of the Word of God. This parish has experienced more than any other parishes the problem of priests but I challenge you to produce more priests coming from your family. This is the best way that you could understand the life of a priest.

My dear brethren, to speak with authority is to heed the words of Our God through his written word and through the guidance of His ordained ministers and to proclaim the fundamental truths that even the devil could not argue.