Victory of Filipino Spirit

Pacquiao's Victory, Victory of Filipino Spirit

A day after Manny Pacquiao non title bout over Morales of Mexico, the hype continues. The Jubilation continous. The Filipino people celebrates his victory. His victory becomes our victory.

Ever since the fight was schedules, most Filipinos are excited to see the fight and confident that this time Manny will win.

During the fight, aside from the regular tv feed, some movie houses open one of their cinemas for the screening of the fight live for 300 pesos. Some cockpit arena do the same for 200 pesos. There are municipalities who installed a wide screen in town plaza for public viewing, free of charge.

For me, what is important is the inspiration that Manny has given should be the potent force to steer not only the athletes but the whole Filipino people to strive more to attain a sense of confidence upwards to alleviate the present economic, political and spiritual situation of the country.