Junior and Senior Prom

A special mass was held for the Junior Senior Prom of the Sta. Maria Academy. I mentioned to them that JS is a privilege not a right, they should be thankful that even through the hard time they could celebrate it. Not long ago a memo was distributed by the Department of Education clarifying that JS Prom is no longer an obligation to be celebrated by the Public Schools.
It is also a sad note that when I asked them on what reason JS is clebrated their answer were for bonding, knowing each other more, and to honor the senior students because they will graduate high school. The reasons given are in some way or another valid but swallow. However I added that the Prom is a kind of rite transferring the responsibilities of leadership to the next batch. To emulate the basic values of responsibilities and leadership. That on their departure, they will have the next generation of the legacy of which they try to instill in their hearts as Students and Christians.
On the same way, it is a acceptance of the great responsibility as the next seniors to continue the legacy which the pioneers have tried to build and enhance. It is an assurance that they, the next seniors, will not squander the opportunity granted upon them.