Sunday, February 5, 2006



After the second Mass, I was visited by a couple who are excited with the news they brought me. They are due to marry at last in the Church. For more than ten years they have waited for this moment. The dispensation from Rome for the laicization of the groom to be arrived already. Laicization is a stage wherein the Vatican formally gave the consent to certain cleric to function as a laity. This usually takes years and for some a lifetime. The bishop have discussed to them the letter which is written in two pages in Latin language. It includes the conduct that one must established as a laicized individual.

They are still on the planning stage of their wedding. I suggested that why not hold it here in Sta. Maria. Anyway you cannot hide to the public eye even though the venue for marriage is outside this town. However, it will be the time to educate the people that this thing is accepted by the Holy Church. The homilist will surely include it in his homily. It will be venue for a deeper understanding of faith especially on this place. Your presence itself is a clear indication that the Church accepts you now as legitimate couple. No words nor arguments could deny it.

They are afraid that it will be the talk of the town. I told them for so many years you have been the talk of the town. Now, that you have received the right of it should also be the talk of the town. It is itself a living witness of what the Church is. It is the fact of Christian life that the faithful must understand. Well,. They told me that they will think it over.

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