My Valentine's Day

After the morning Mass, we prepared for the mass wedding. Some people are not apt for being on time. I supposed to hear their confession on 8:00 am but I have to wait for them for an additional 45 minutes because they are late.

During the homily besides explaining the importance of married life, I told them that the only different with Mass wedding from ordinary celebration of the sacrament of Matrimony is, it is free. All the requirements and proper preparation is the same as of ordinary celebration of the said sacrament.

The birth certificate is needed to satisfy the necessary and correct information of the parties involved. Baptismal and Confirmation certificate to find out whether they are baptized catholic or not. If they were baptized to other faiths they have the option for mixed marriage and if from other non Christian faith, the dispensation for the disparity of cult is applied, It is an option. If the other parties do not want to be baptized in Catholic faith they could still be married in the Catholic Church.

Married license is need to satisfy the requirement of the government or affidavit for living together as husband and wife for more than 5 years catholic marriages is accepted by the government as valid.

Aside from the population education seminar given by the local government the couple should attend 2 days seminar which is usually held during Saturday and Sunday. Even if the couples are living together for sometime, they still have to attend it because it is a formation guiding the couples to understand and prepare themselves on their lives as husband, wife and parent according to the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Publication of Banns is sent to parished they have stayed for six months or more when they reached eighteen years old. This is to assume that both parties are free to marry.

The parish priest of every parish will canonically interview them further to determine if they are capable enough for the reception of the said sacrament. Can the parish priest deny couples for the reception of that sacrament? Yes, if through deligent study and reflection he find out if any impediment as stipulated by the Law of the Church.

At late afternoon Sr. Bernadette, the superior of the school and Mr. Balela, the principal of the Santa Maria Academy approached me in my office asking my comments on their on going projects.

Subsequently, I said this subject matter will be discussed in our parish pastoral council meeting tomorrow. Since, you have brought this matter at hand, there are three things I could like to say, I continued.

1. Protocol. The school and the parish have different administrative jurisdiction, but you are having a fund raising campaign with a project that is to be constructed in the church land, a land which is not yours. I understand that you have a written agreement with the former parish priest. That written agreement is illegal because no one in the Diocese could enter into a contract in the name of the church or of the parish except the bishop. We have no juridical personality. Canon law is clear about that. And even if you have a written agreement it would surely include a dialogue with the present parish priest for courtesy sake. This is the basic principle you have violated. The very fact that there is no written agreement is also the reason that you have not been properly guided.

2. Unresolved issues. You have, entered into a situation of which there are unanswered questions. At is not because questions were raised and remained unanswered. But questions of which the alumni have resurfaced either because there is no venue to post it or the class coordinators failed to relay it on the proper authorities. Our discussions have clearly revealed that you are not alluding the questions. There are issues that the general alumni was not aware of such as the present financial statement of the fund for the construction of the covered court.

3. The Principal as the alumni president is a suspect. It happens that the present president and the alumni is also the principal. Even if your constitution allows it, however it puts the organization out of balance. Yes, the principal is also an alumnus nobody is denying it but it could not only also be denied that it is a flow that put the organization in jeopardy. There are things that make you oversee the problem like the proper orientation and over locking of the difficulties of the project at hand presuming that this was handled before by the school specifically of the teachers, students and parents of the time the project was initiated more than 6 years ago. Mr. Manuel Balela believes that those preliminary stages were already resolved by the said personalities but not been done in the presence of alumni of which he is also the president. Practically it was bound to happen because one person is holding both offices. Yes, it could even be avoided if one has been keen enough to distinguish the two positions. However, it is not much a difficulty if the two offices were held by two persons.

We ended the discussion that three things will surely be discuss in the parish pastoral meeting tomorrow evening. They should face whatever might be the reaction concerning this matter. It is important that they should hear it by themselves the comments of the members of the PPC.