I had some apprehension in coming to Kamagong, a sitio of Cueva, Sta Maria, because of the rain. Since early in the morning there is a continues out pouring of rain. Yesterday news on St. Bernard, Southern Leyte, which suffered greatly due to landslide feared to have left thousand dead and homeless. I pray and usually includes in my homily on the protection of the environment.
To clear up my mind, I told my secretary to text the coordinator of the chapel in Kamagong concerning the weather and road condition going up to that place. The coordinator answered back that the weather there is good and the road is passable.
After the funeral mass, I proceeded directly in Sitio Kamagong. Along the way, the number of small and medium landslides have include since last month, we should coordinate with the DENR concerning this situation to study the land and terrain formation so that we could be prepared before any massive landslide, I told myself.
I interviewed the parishioners to determine the present situation of the place. I learned that they are just starting replenishing the trees struck down by the defunct logging concession there. It was almost thirty five years since the logging concession stop operating but it was only now that the residents started replanting.
Considerably, it is only now that the population have increased because they find out the beautiful weather condition on that part of Sta. Maria. It was like Baguio that is why they call it Little Baguio Village.
After my mass, I proceeded to Parang ng Buho village for another anticipated Mass. I was quite satisfied with the attendance, the mass goers doubled from my last month’s mass.
It was also the raffle draw of the Kabuuan Club. The activities started at 8:30 pm, late as usual. Msgr. Rey Agramon won the first prize and my programmer won the 21 inch TV.