An Inquiry, Feb 12, 2006

Parishioners are starting asking me about the on going project of the Santa Maria Academy concerning their “dinner for a cause “for the completion of the covered court. I told them that I was not informed formally concerning this matter; I just heard it also from people who are complaining about it. There are some apprehensions on this subject because the project started before my arrival and that is almost four years ago. Probably I could not understand why they hid the matter. I am celebrating mass with them and tried to speak on matters that affect the school and the parish and then suddenly they prop out this scheme. I am not against their project per se. However, there are things to be clarified because it involved Church land. The proposed covered court is to be constructed on the property owned by the Catholic Church. The school is owned by a religious congregation which is the separate entity from the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Pablo.
Parishioners are asking me if they will accept the tickets distributed to them. My answer is, “if you could afford it” yes, but you should kept in mind that the structure to be build is owned by the Church and not of the SMA.