After the morning mass, somebody approached me to administer the anointing of the sick to one parishioner. So, we went to Sta. Cruz, Bay, Laguna for the above purpose. I asked John to drive us to that baranggay.

This morning, Fr. Rex Delos Angeles, the chancellor called me and talked about the two requests that came from my parish. The first one is the request of the couple who will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary. They are from Los Bańos but they prefer to celebrate it in one of the resort here in my parish. The other one is the request of the baranggay Bitin for the Mass on February 14. We spent sometime on this matter and he decided that it is better for me to make a formal letter concerning this matter that I am endorsing it even if there is an existing rescript on the said occasion. It was almost ten o’clock in the morning and wanted me to write a letter and bring it in to San Pablo before eleven o’clock. So, I hurried up polishing my English in writing the letter. After finishing the letter, I noticed that the printer of the parish is not working and my own printer has run out of ink. It is the first time that I open up the box where I packed it before leaving Sta. Maria, my former parish. Instead I end up printing it to the computer shop nearby.

I arrived in San Pablo before minutes before eleven. Fr. Rex immediately attended me and talked about the issue. I assure him that whatever is the outcome of the decision that the office of the bishop will make, I will abide with it. I told him that it is also my duty to report to the bishop what I believe is necessary for the salvation of souls. Without the rescript, I could have decided on that matter alone.

Since I was already in San Pablo, I decided to get a relacion mensual booklet and passed by at the Holy Face bookstore for the chasuble and stole. I bought the green one.

After lunch, I celebrate a funeral mass and continued to arrange my things. I was not been able to finish because of limited bookshelves.