Internet Connection

For the period of 5 days, started last Monday, I have no connection because my server's connection encountered problems, until this Saturday morning. What irked me is that the customer service has continually giving the same reply all over again, "please check you internet connection from time to time for further information". I do not have a connection nga e.Yes, I know that customer service is a practically a calling center, I could understand that they could not relay information as fast as it could be if the technical personnel are really doing their job properly. It took me 5 days without any information when my connection will be reactivated. I just found it out when I opened my computer as the anti-virus program automatically updates itself. Why they could not give proper advisory of the status of my inquiry. When I asked the customer service, they could only reply that I can report for rebate concerning my internet usage. Maybe, it will take a long time before, we can really compete professionally with other countries because people could not be professional enough to do their job properly.