Holy Monday

Right After the Mass, we started our Pabasa. I am thankful that all concerned have done their job to make this event successful. It finished at around 11:30 in the evening
Sis. Fely ercia and companion came to make a short visit as they make their Visita Iglesia.
Knights of the altars are helping one another to install the lights at the lector corner of the church.
yesterday, I announced that the parish need to repair the lights in patio. However, we need to buy new materials because the lights and casing are sold in sets. Willy and companion are helping me without charge to install these lights.

Ramona, I found her at the front gate of Liceo. She invited me to the friendster and I accepted her because I know that she is a llicean but have not seen her pictures. Now, I got you. So, I decided to take her picture.
Fr. Johannes Arada along with his parishioners came for Visita Iglesia. He is the parish of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage in Lodlod, Lipa City.
Mr. Conocono and his wife visited me. Mr. Conocono was my classmate in minor seminary. According to him, he was not able to continue his seminary life because of financial difficulties. His Benefactor before, a priest also, was not able to support him. They are residing here in Bay.