50th Birthday

I was been invited by Mr. Restituto Alip, the founder and chairman of Card in his 50th birthday that he celebrated in Tranca, Bay Laguna today. We celebrated the Mass for the said intention. It is just coincidence that my homily focus on good governance as Peter has given the instruction to feed the lambs of our Jesus Christ after Christ's resurrection.
The challenge lies on feeding the lambs as part of the responsibility. In doing so we have to cast our nets in the right side of the boat as the instruction the apostles received.

To become good leader we have to take note the pronouncement of the church particularly of CBCP concerning the Ten Commandments of Rigth Voting and recently the 6 Criteria of a Good leader, we have to chose especially this coming election.

* A person who loves and fears God

* One who is guided by a well-formed conscience, always sensitive to the choice of what is good

* One who lives and serves consistently with moral principles

* One who is honest, non-violent and compassionate

* A person who respects and protects the limited sources in nature and requires others to do the same

* One who is ready to sacrifice personal, party or group interest for the sake of unity, peace and the integral development of the country and the people.

I have focused my attention on the second and sixth criteria.
Mrs. Cory Aquino, the former president came also as I am concluding my homily.

I have to left immediately after the Mass because of my other schedule in the barrio. I would like to stay but my duty does not permit me. A fact that I have to accept and live.

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