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I am painstakingly trying to include this site on Pinoy directory. I find some difficulty on the word verification section. Are my eyes no longer functioning well. Yes, I have to go to the optometrist to get my eyeglasses.

I really do not know if my submission is successful because there is no message I received after I sent it for the last time instead the form re appers without the blog name and the description. While the other fields I have filled up remained.

I would like to share also the advisory on Twitters. This was posted in one of my threads, I am following. Posted by Jim Ayson. Here it is:

A note of caution to the Twitterholics out there. Remember that your
public tweets are not as ephemeral as instant messages. They can be as
permanent as blog posts - they are archived and can be retrieved by
anybody, so be prepared to reap the consequences of what you might
think are just inconsequential ramblings.

Take the case of Steve Rubel, a PR guy for tech companies. He dissed
PC Magazine as irrelevant in a single Twitter post. The "tweet" was
picked up by Jim Louderback, who then threatened to boycott him and
Rubel's clients. If that went through, it would have have been
disastrous for his business.

Bro. Rico Sollorano, a former seminarian and currently one of the lay ministers of the Eucharist of this parish celebrates his birthday this evening in his residence in Calauan, Laguna. He is teaching in Liceo de Calamba, Laguna

Though, he is from Calamba, he is serving here for several years already. So, I leave it as it is, since I also need some companion here to help me out in my adjustment in this new parish.