Election Aftermath

Several days after the philippine midterm election several people from one of the Philippine political parties contacted me through Fr. Ted Real concerning the outcome of the election in this municipality, Bay, laguna. First thing that comes to my mind is why contact me after several days of the election. We are batlling against all odds then to ensure that the provisition of the rule and code of election process is put on its proper place. We are doing our job at to the extent that we are more aware and following the rules and conduct of election process than the comelec chairman of this municipality. Three days prior to the election, the comelec cha was replaced by the national. The political group are asking for confirmation of the alleged irregularities in the conduct of election. Yes, there are irrigularities,(Hello! Where did you came from?) but to pinpoint who are the group behind the irrigularities is another matter. There are iirigularities but it does not presupposed that there is any intention to cheat. There are no actual findings of the question of cheating, so far there are no factual proof. What we have are irrigularities in the filling of the ERs which leave some forms blanks. Some ER have no entry on the number of the registered voters and numbers of people who actually voted. Some are filled only in the senatorial level but not on the local level.Well, such kind of irrigularites is a suspect. But it does not hold matter as is. There should be an amful reason to consider. Such as Why there is no report from the pollwatchers assigned to the said precint? One of our limitation is the lack of personnel. There are precints handled by few volunteers.
My point is, you cannot simply make this as a proof for a case. Or else you will be labelled simply as ignorants of the law.
According to my sources, these people are local leaders of a candidate who would like to make an impression that they have loss because they are cheated not because they have been negligent on their duties to deliver enough votes for the said candidate. They have loss alot of votes here.

To say that irrigularities existed is easy to file a complain is entirely a different matter. We all want to clean up this country of any immoral acts on election day. However, we have to do our job effeciently also or else we are just simply barking the wrong tree.

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