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There is a large collection of Catholic blogs in one of the blogsites of the blogspot maintained by someone named Andrea based on the work of Gen X Revert. This is an extensive work. However, I would like also to make my own based on the said collection. yes, I could send all the materials through them but it is also good to note that the work of catholics and our thoughts could also enlighten one another. My primary purpose is to make a directory of the collection of blogs by priest. It is also a way of understanding catholic priests if you could read their thoughts, not only the doctrines that we hold.

Some people, especially here in the Philippines thought that policies are based on the personality of the priest. In some way or another, the firm and impact of certain policies varies because of the personality but it does not change it. It's firmness differs. There are also some policies base on each dioceses, congregation and parishes. It depends upon the situation.

Much is written about those priests who have been misbehaving. It is like a black propaganda and few are written about good priests or at least trying very hard to fulfill their calling as servants of God. We have to keep on mind that people ussually see the bad side rather than the good one. However, there are also move to defend the good deeds as Jesus have said that uor light must be put to its proper place to lighten all.

Going back to the blogs of the priests. As I browsed on all the collections there are some observations I have taken into consideration

- Some have been blogging for a long period of time, even when blogging was not a fad then.

- The content is vast and varied according to one's preferences, from liturgy to sports and prayer to entertaiment.

- A number of priests blogging came from the united States of America

I make my own directory separating Filipino priests separating from those International locations because I would like to see as the collection grows as more Filipinos will set more on this idea. I hope so that it will be also a point of action to express ourselves.

Usually, I will hear priest who comments, parishioners will never understand us. Yes, we are living in a very different way of living as the laity,but, I believe that there is a possibility to understand us. Maybe, we are not good at expressing our feelings. Well, this is my own opinion. I am just speaking out loud. Or maybe this is my environment here in the Philippines, a localized situation.

One of the reason why Filipino priests are not yet on this kind of idea is maybe few have an access to computers and know how. When I asked some of my fellow priest if they have email address. Most of them say no than those who have. Few parishes could afford a set of computer not yet include the internet access. However, I have noticed that the new generations those who belong to the young clergy are already atuned to the idea.

I am just a newbie to this stuff. And I admire those who have been faithful in their blogging. I hope you could also learn a lot from them. They are worth reading. It will inspire you to live a life truly becoming Christ and befitted to be called Christians.

Fundamentally for me, I have two reasons why I blog. It is my way of expressing myself, my thoughts and feelings, aspiration and reflections. When I started this, my first reason is to put my thoughts in a manner, I could easily find it. Sometimes, my written documents are messed up in the bookcases. It took me several hours to find them along with my other stuff. So, I decided to put them online. It was last year. It did not take off as planned because I was then in a far flung area of Laguna of which internet access is difficult if ever there is . The only telephone company that operates there bogged down from time to time. I have to go to the neighboring town to use internet. only this year, after the general reshuffle of priests of the diocese that I started picking up the pieces that has been frozen for four years and six months. Secondly, though there are resources in the internet concerning catholic faith and doctrine, I would like also make my contribution on this arena. The internet is so vast and complicated. Every time I entered any internet cafe, it is full of students using the internet for gamesas well as to their assignments. There were even times that I receive inquiries concerning some doctrines of our faith. It has keep me wonder. Why they bother to email me when there is already a lage resource in and othe catholic websites. It will be improper to me to direct them to just a link. It seems impersonal. So, I have decided to make this as apart of my personal apostolate to the netizens especially for catholics.

Here, when we speak of catholic priests we include those who are in union with the Bishop of Rome, the Pope, i.e., Roman and Orthodox Catholics. Not all Orthodox are in union with the the bishop of Rome. They will be included in the sections of other Christian denomination. I have also included blogs of priests/ministers from other denominations who are active in ecumenical movements. Hoping to link between our brethren who are also working towards the unity of the Catholic Church.
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