My site is blocked!

Checking on some of my blogs display, removing some messy posts, this is what I found out in one of my entries.
  • Blogger's spam-prevention robots have detected that your blog has characteristics of a spam blog. (What's a spam blog?) Since you're an actual person reading this, your blog is probably not a spam blog. Automated spam detection is inherently fuzzy, and we sincerely apologize for this false positive.
  • You won't be able to publish posts to your blog until one of our humans reviews it and verifies that it is not a spam blog. Please fill out the form below to get a review. We'll take a look at your blog and unlock it in less than two business days.
  • If we don't hear from you, though, we will remove your blog from Blog*Spot within a few weeks.
  • Find out more about how Blogger is fighting spam blogs.
  • Get your blog unlocked
Bluepanjeet is recommending askimet but I am trying to figure this one. It is Saturdays, one of the busiest days in the parish. So I will ask somebody to help me out on these things since they have already answers on this matter.

I have leaned also from other bloggers that they are also experiencing the same inconveniences. I Do not know much this blog will reappear and function as of before. I submit another report concerning this matter. The blog site have included in the main site announcing such irregularities. The process will take a lot longer because, this one has to be reviewed by their staff. But for the moment, I have to wait.

While waiting, I decided to learn what does spam blog means. According to blog spot, it is an inadvertent click to the "next" button blog of which the "flag" button is to be find adjacent of which it migth be accidentally click.

It is likely to be true. However, I would like to learn more on this matter so I looked at Wikipedia, and this is what it state:
  • sometimes referred to by the neologism splogs, are artificially created weblog sites which the author uses to promote affiliated websites or to increase the search engine rankings of associated sites. The purpose of a splog can be to increase the PageRank or backlink portfolio of affiliate websites, to artificially inflate paid ad impressions from visitors, and/or use the blog as a link outlet to get new sites indexed. Spam blogs are usually a type of scraper site, where content is often either Inauthentic Text or merely stolen (see blog scraping) from other websites. These blogs usually contain an high number of links to sites associated with the splog creator which are often disreputable or otherwise useless websites.
  • There is frequent confusion between the terms "splog" and "spam in blogs". Splogs are blogs where the articles are fake, and are only created for search engine spamming. To spam in blogs, conversely, is to include random comments on the blogs of innocent bystanders, in which spammers take advantage of a site's ability to allow visitors to post comments that may include links.
  • This is used often in conjunction with other spamming techniques including Sping.
My blog is full of links. I thought that I could post the links for other sites that offer the same content especially for catholic content. There is even a link for goverment controlled sites so that people es[ecially those who would like to go abroad may have amful informationthat they might not succumb to the illigal recruiters. I have also links to other sites that are new and does not have a substantial content for the moment. Well, I am just wondering because, it might happen again and the blogspot message contains that if this during the time my blog is blocked, it has two days of reactivation. It happens last friday and I have just find it out saturday night when I decided to arranged something. My question is what happened when I did not post for a week and I will not know if my blog was blocked. There is no way of knowing whether if was blocked unless you post and you will find that there is no option that it can published because it is blocked. I have not received not even an email warning me about this. Is this the way blogspot manage to delete unwanted blogs? Is it a kind of pressure that you have to blog everyday? I have to check my other blog. Do I need to copy the content of my blog to assure that even if it is deleted, I could post it back? Or it is better to migrate to other blog provider?

Sometimes, it is also one of the hassle of putting your content on a free host, there is no guarantee.

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