Sore eyes?

Since yesterday, my eyes suffered from pain, I thought was a sore eye. During the early morning mass, I wear a sunglasses. Well. though I am not certain of what it might really be, I would like to protectmy eyes from further damage as well as the people who attends the Mass. After the celebration of the Eucharist, I asked Dra. Fe Pantas of what cure available for the said sickness. He [rescribed me an eye drop medicine that could only be bought in Mercury Drug store. I have to travel travel to the next town to buy the medicine. I told John that after he dropped me at the venue for the next Mass, he should go directly to the neighboring town tp buy the medicine.

The Holy Family School in Bay, a private school composed of 300 students, that is the number they told me from Prep school to High School department. offered the said mass as a Holy Spirit Mass. My difficulty then, I could not use the Holy Spirit Mass because it is the solemn feasts of St. Peter ans St. Paul. The two important figure in the spreading and thrust of the Church in the continuing evagelization of the Gospel. I used the prescribed liturgy of celebrating the Holy Eucharist and incorporated the supplicaton of the gifts of the HOLY Spirit especially the gift of understanding.

I am supposed also to attend the funral Mass of Edna Mamaril, mother of Fr. Reggie Mamaril but my one oclock Mass finished at 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon. There is no time to catch up and my eyes are still swollen. So I dicided to take some rest for my eyes until the confession of the couples to be married tomorrow.

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