First Friday Devotion

The Liceo de Bay, hold Mass in honor of the Sacred heart of Jesus as part of the First Friday Devotion. It is one of the activities of which a catholic school is monthly tuned to. As part of the Catholic Education program to let them aware of the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ to them and to the rest of the world.

This Mass though specially been schedule to them is open to public but because of their numbers that runs to about 900 students. There is no more place for others to attend to comfortabley. Some were not been able to attend the regular mass at 6:00 attends this 8:00 mass.

In another Barrio, Masaya, the High school department of the public school invited me also to celebrate the eucharist there. Though the catholic school have been atuned to this for a long time, the public school is now picking up on the need for religious experience to implore our God to guide them.

According to them, it is also the first time that they hold a mass for the students on first friday in honor of the Sacred heart of Jesus.
I thank the principal and the teachers of introducing this religious activity to the students.

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